Your key to the connected store

Convert smart device notifications into voice alerts that push instantly to your team Headsets. The potential? Limitless.

Connect your people and your tech

From smart fridges and shelving to security cameras, VoCoVo is ready to integrate with intelligent technology across your store. If it generates a notification, VoCoVo can push this as an instant voice alert to your associates’ Headsets.

Why Integrate VoCoVo with your store’s smart devices?

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Respond to notifications in real-time

Teams get instant alerts when shelves need re-stocking or smart cameras pick up suspicious activity.

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Reduce wasted time and boost productivity

Voice alerts free-up associates to focus on the task at hand, without the need to physically monitor equipment.

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Send key notifications, not interruptions

Set VoCoVo to send notifications at certain times, eg. “Open a new checkout” when wait times go over one minute.

How it works

Our open API is easy to use. Integration made easy with three simple steps.

  1. Token Generation
    Create your secure tokens in the VoCoVo Portal
  2. Integration
    Share tokens with your IT team or third-party provider to create integration with smart device
  3. Go Live
    Test and launch your chosen integration will push real-time voice alerts to your team’s VoCoVo Headsets.

How could voice notifications enhance your store?

Connect with self-checkout to improve customer service

Integrate VoCoVo with self-checkout to alert associates immediately when a customer needs assistance to keep lines moving efficiently.

Push stock alerts from smart shelving to boost sales

Integrating with your logistics system, you can retire old monitoring technologies and send alerts to your stockroom team’s Headsets to ensure shelves are kept replenished.

Connect with smart fridges to prevent lost stock and shrink

An open fridge can mean perished stock or even accident claims. Connect your smart fridges and cameras so associates can respond before issues escalate.

Trigger instant alerts from smart cameras to keep security agile

Reduce the risk of theft by triggering a voice message that alerts associates to aggressive behaviour or excessive removal of stock to keep customers and associates safe.

Sync with logistics systems so warehouse teams are ready

By integrating our API with your logistics system, you can retire old monitoring technologies and send alerts to your warehouse teams’ Headsets.

Start your journey towards a better connected team