Drive performance across your stores

Improve customer experience and drive growth by extracting performance data from your entire estate with Data Extract API.

Analyse your data in any tool

Our Data Extract API makes it easy to pull insights from all your stores. Just log in to the Portal to track information like device usage, response times and user behaviour in your locations. Harvest data and import into your analytics tool of choice – a simple spreadsheet, a third-party Business Intelligence application or even your own bespoke analytics tool.

Why pull performance data with Data Extract API?

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Gain customer behaviour insight

VoCoVo gathers your estate’s data, from Headset usage to Call Point activations, so you can monitor responses and adjust to improve customer experience.

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Increase ROI by identifying training needs

Are customer calls being dropped regularly or are colleagues slow to respond in peak times? Target your training to help your team get more from their devices.

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Set company-wide benchmarks

Monitor key performance metrics like Headset usage and response times to set KPIs, create store leaderboards and improve results across your stores.

How it works

Log into the VoCoVo Portal, and select the data streams you want to export or even set up automated exporting. Import the raw data into your chosen tool to begin analysing. Consolidate data over time to learn how teams and customers across your estate use VoCoVo.

Start your journey towards a better connected team