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Say goodbye to noisy PA, multiple phone systems and heavy hardware solutions. With VoCoVo, your team can quickly receive calls, answer customer questions and communicate securely — all from one crystal clear, lightweight wireless device!


With software that unlocks performance tracking, remote support and new ways to coordinate your team. Enable the ability to answer incoming calls, and deliver messages to headsets from headquarters.


Our all-in-one system integrates with your existing retail smart equipment — from security cameras, to refrigerated cases and smart sensing shelving. Make your team more effective while making everyday processes more efficient.

Why your associates and retail stores need VoCoVo

Our mission is to make your in-store experience the very best retail has to offer, by ensuring every team member stays informed and connected all shift. Our secret is retail-ready hardware like associate Headsets and two-way customer Call Points, all powered by unique software that connects your people with the world of in-store smart technology.

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Connects teams, tech, & stores

Colleagues can connect with each other, their customers, Headquarters, and even smart devices across the store from their VoCoVo Headset. So your teams can have a real impact on efficiency and customer experience, all from one device.

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Crystal-clear, secure conferencing

Full-duplex technology empowers colleagues to talk and listen simultaneously, on a secure voice conference that’s dedicated to their team. Need a secure channel for management or security? It’s all possible with VoCoVo.

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Limitless third-party integrations

Get more from your smart technology by connecting your people with your tech. From smart fridges and shelving to CCTV security cameras, VoCoVo is ready to integrate with apps and intelligent devices across your store.

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Freedom from Wi-Fi

Our Headsets don’t rely on Wi-Fi so aren’t vulnerable to the same security risks, black spots, or traffic peaks. Instead, our secure multi-cell network keeps communication crystal-clear as you roam between floors and outdoor areas.

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Cost-effective and scalable

VoCoVo’s fully modular solution is made to fit your business and adapt to meet changing demands. We can leverage existing infrastructure to keep setup costs down, and when you need more devices, just add Base Units to grow!

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