The world is being transformed by voice-centred technology

People like to talk, and your employees and customers are no exception.

But in a fast-paced world, no-one wants to wait for the conversation to begin. Customers don’t like waiting for shop assistants. Staff don’t like wasting time looking for the right colleague.

Rob Gamlin, an Electronics Engineer, came up with an idea to make business communication both voice-centred and efficient.


In 2003, an international retailer had a problem

They approached Rob because their checkout queues were too long. Customers were getting fed up. Staff were getting fed up too. Sales were suffering.

Rob decided to put his idea to the test. He designed a device that checkout staff could use to call for assistance.

This wasn’t just another staff pager. Cashiers could press one of eight buttons to indicate what kind of help they needed. The device would instantly communicate this need to their supervisor, through a wireless headset.

Supervisors and cashiers could have two-way conversations, even if the supervisor wasn’t nearby. Meanwhile, cashiers could keep serving customers. No waiting required.


Soon, other companies were asking questions

The solution drastically reduced queues. In fact, it had such a profound impact on store efficiency that other businesses started to bring their challenges to Rob.

Rob built a small, highly-skilled team and, together, they set about creating a new product suite based on their clients’ needs.

In 2016, they launched a set of solutions called VoCoVo. That stands for voice, communication, voice.

VoCoVo connects staff, customers, software, and hardware – all through the power of voice. Our products span everything from wireless headsets to customer CallPoints.


VoCoVo has come a long way over the last few years

Today VoCoVo is growing fast, with clients across Europe, Australia, Canada, and America.

Our telephony integration is second to none, meaning staff can take customer phone calls on the go.

VoCoVo solutions can span the largest of sites, enabling staff to talk to each other in stores, warehouses, restaurants, car parks, and beyond.

We can also connect locations across your enterprise and around the world.


But some things will never change

Just like in those early days, VoCoVo exists to solve business problems.

We still operate as an extension of clients’ teams. And we’re still all about voice-centred technology, receiving queries from companies who have specific challenges they’d like our help with.

As a result, we’re constantly developing new products – from wearable devices, to analytics software, to integrations with in-store machinery.

If you’re looking for a solution that’ll grow with your business we’d love to hear from you.

Click on our Tesco Jack’s Case Study to find out how VoCoVo assisted in achieving their communication goals. 

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