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Article by Martyn Jones | 23rd December 2020

There are signs of hope for the high street. Early Christmas shopping gave retailers a much needed boost in October, with sales up 6.7% from their pre-pandemic levels. A survey of UK shoppers found that 43% intend to spend more than usual this Christmas, suggesting a busy end to the year. 

Making the most of these sales will be the key to mitigating the damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. With profit margins tighter than usual, retailers need to work smart. At VoCoVo, we’re here to help you be as efficient as possible.

Saving time and money

Streamlining in-store processes has a double benefit. Increasing task efficiency saves you money, as your team can accomplish more over the course of the day. It also makes your store more attractive to customers. As COVID safety concerns persist, shoppers are still avoiding stores with long queues. An efficient store reduces customer waiting times, leading to increased footfall and more sales. 

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Technology that supports your whole team

By combining our hardware into a single ecosystem, VoCoVo can save you an average of 67 minutes per store per day in task efficiency. This increases to 105 minutes in larger stores. 

As the saying goes, time is money. Saving 105 minutes a day will save you £111 per week per store. Over the course of a year, this translates into £5,749 per store. If your estate has 300 stores, you will save over £1.7 million a year in task efficiency alone. 

Find out how much time you could save with our team time-saver calculator: (Link to A17)


Our Headsets eliminate unnecessary walking by allowing real-time communication between colleagues. More experienced colleagues can answer questions or provide training via headsets. Colleagues can request information or check stock levels without leaving the customer’s side. 

As well as cutting travel time, headsets increase efficiency by allowing colleagues to multitask. 52% of colleagues say that finding information for customers or tracking down other colleagues to answer questions is the biggest problem they face. 

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Call Points

Call Points work together with headsets, allowing customers to call for assistance by sending an automated message to all headsets. Colleagues can respond to queries via their headsets, meaning that the customer doesn’t have to wait for a colleague to find them.

Call Points help stores to unman self-service checkouts and Click & Collect counters, freeing up colleagues to perform other tasks. Call Points also monitor customer numbers, allowing you to analyse footfall and plan your rotas accordingly. Our research shows that unmanning a single counter can save you £594 per week per store.


47% of colleagues say that they would be more productive if they could get customers through the checkout quicker. Many customers feel the same. 83% of consumers say that a quick and easy checkout process is the thing they value most in retail.  

Our Keypads save time by allowing checkout colleagues to call for help more effectively. Whenever a colleague needs assistance, they can select one of several help categories. This will send out an automated message, alerting colleagues to the nature of their problem. If a checkout colleague needs help with something more specific, they can record a custom message.

38% of colleagues believe that new technology is the best way to increase efficiency. That’s where we can help. Every piece of VoCoVo hardware is designed to eliminate inefficiency so that your colleagues can make the most of their time. 

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