We attended the LPRC Impact Conference in Florida. Here’s what we learned

The LPRC Impact Conference is the place to be for all things loss prevention. Here’s what we learned at this year’s event.

Article by Joe Martin | 11th October 2022

VoCoVo recently joined the LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council). As well as giving us access to the latest in crime fighting data, our membership allows us to attend a whole host of industry events. We just got back from one of the biggest – the Impact Conference in Gainesville, Florida. Here’s what we learned about the future of loss prevention, and how our products can play an important role. 

Retailers are stronger together

The LPRC was founded 22 years ago with a simple mission: to improve in-store security using real world data. By pooling information from stores across the country, the LPRC allows retailers to coordinate their efforts, and to present a united front against criminals. 

Over the last two decades, the LPRC has spearheaded over 300 projects, all with the aim of reducing in-store crime through scientific means. The annual Impact Conference is a chance for the organization to reflect on these efforts, and to help retailers build a security plan for the year ahead. 

This year’s event was especially exciting as it was the first since the pandemic. After two years of sharing security tips virtually, the LPRC and its retail partners were keen to get together and reconnect. As a result, the schedule was even more packed than usual:

  • Over 40 speakers, including senior figures from CVS, Walmart and Home Depot
  • Live demonstrations from over 50 exhibitors, including Bosch, AT&T and Motorola 
  • Updates from the largest research team ever assembled by the LPRC 

A chance to make our mark

We were thrilled to attend Impact for two reasons. It was a chance for us to assess the state of loss prevention in 2022, and an opportunity to demonstrate how we can help in the fight against crime. 

We spent three days at the event, and we made every second count. We attended talks on every aspect of loss prevention, and met representatives from some of the biggest names in retail. Best of all, we got to show off our system on one of the industry’s biggest stages.

The event confirmed two things- retailers are struggling more than ever with theft, and VoCoVo is perfectly poised to help them. Many stores are still experiencing labor shortages in the wake of the pandemic, and this allows criminals to go unnoticed. Our system connects associates at all times, making it harder for thieves to slip through the net:

  • Headsets make it easy for associates to communicate with on-site security. Suspicious behavior can be reported immediately without the need to track down a member of the security team.
  • Associates can use headsets to raise the alarm without drawing attention to themselves. This makes it much less intimidating to report a crime. Associates report that this approach makes them feel 54% safer
  • Headsets can be linked to your phone system, allowing associates to call emergency services at the push of a button. 
  • Criminals can see that associates are connected, and this acts as a strong deterrent to theft. 
  • Our notification API allows smart security cameras to send messages directly to associates. If a camera spots something suspicious, security will be alerted immediately. 

We’re proud to be a member of the LPRC, and we believe that we can play an important role in the ongoing fight against shoplifting. Give us a call to find out more.

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