The top 2 frustrations of US shoppers with in-store customer experience

Article by Aaron Copestake | 8th April 2021

With non-essential stores set to reopen in a matter of days, business owners across the UK are asking themselves the same question: how can we encourage our customers to come back? It won’t be an easy task. 

With the country in lockdown for much of the last year, consumers have turned to eCommerce for their shopping needs. Online sales reached their highest ever level in January 2021, and nearly a third of UK shoppers plan to continue shopping online after the pandemic is over. 

US retailers face a similar challenge. US online spending grew by 44% in 2020, and 62% of US consumers are buying more online as a result of pandemic.

But it isn’t all bad news. Our recent survey of UK and US shoppers found that many are keen to get back to the high street:

57% of shoppers are still confident in physical retail.

  • 64% don’t expect their long-term shopping habits to change.
  • 16% want to shop socially with family and friends.

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It’s all about customer experience

The pandemic has changed your customers’ attitudes towards shopping. The speed and convenience of eCommerce means that returning customers will have little patience for poor service. The only way to compete in this new landscape is to offer a flawless customer experience. 

We wanted to help, so we asked customers to name their top frustrations with in-store shopping. Surprisingly, US and UK customers differed considerably in their responses. The top two frustrations of US customers are especially interesting:

  • 42% said that a lack of stock was their top frustration, compared to just 18% of UK customers. 
  • 26% were frustrated by limited opening hours, compared to just 11% of UK customers. 

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US customers are a good barometer for worldwide customer sentiment. By addressing these issues now, you’ll impress customers in the UK. VoCoVo can help: 

Immediate access to stock information 

Nothing annoys customers more than queuing in store, only to discover that the product they want is out of stock. VoCoVo solves this problem by giving you and your customers immediate access to stock information:

  • Colleagues can contact the stock room via their headsets. This means that the customer doesn’t have to wait for a colleague to walk there. 
  • Call Points allow customers to check stock information without having to queue. 

Make every second count

While we can’t extend your opening hours, we can help you to make the most of the time you have. VoCoVo streamlines the customer experience so you can serve more people in less time. 

  • Headsets allow you to answer customer queries without stopping your work. 
  • Colleagues can authorise self-checkout purchases remotely via their headsets, speeding up the checkout process. 
  • Call Points allow you to unman customer service desks so colleagues can be put to use elsewhere. 
  • Checkout colleagues can request help via Keypads without having to hold up the queue. 

Our studies show that VoCoVo can save you 105 minutes a day by increasing task efficiency. You can dedicate this extra time to improving the customer experience, providing faster service and greater convenience. 

It’s been a tough year for retailers all over the world. In order to get back on your feet, you’ll need to adapt to the new priorities of your customers. With VoCoVo on your side, you can come back stronger than ever.

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