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Wi-Fi is a risky choice for in-store communication. VoCoVo offers a better way.

Article by Olivia Robinson | 5th July 2022

Relying on Wi-Fi for in-store communication is a big risk. A single error can plunge your entire estate into chaos, leading to a lot of unsatisfied customers. VoCoVo offers a safe and reliable alternative to Wi-Fi. Even if the internet is down, colleagues can stay in touch. Here’s how it works:

Wi-Fi is great…until it stops working

The internet may be the biggest technological innovation of our lifetime, but it was the arrival of Wi-Fi that really made a difference to the average consumer. By removing the need for a cabled internet connection, Wi-Fi paved the way for the online world of today:

Wi-Fi has become more reliable over the years, but it’s still far from perfect. This isn’t a major issue for domestic users. You can simply reset your router and start again. For large companies though, the effects of a sudden outage can be severe:

If you rely on Wi-Fi for communication, a sudden loss of service can be a logistical nightmare. Colleagues will be unable to call for help, leading to growing queues and unsatisfied shoppers. Over a quarter of customers will leave your store if they’re kept waiting for more than five minutes, so a communication breakdown could prove to be very expensive. 

Find out more about customer behaviour:

Peace of mind for your whole estate

With VoCoVo, you never have to worry about connectivity. Our system is completely Wi-Fi-free,  using base units to transmit a crystal-clear signal across large spaces and multiple floors. Each base unit has a range of up to 300 metres, and this can be extended using a repeater. Best of all, VoCoVo can use your store’s existing cabling, making installation a breeze. 

VoCoVo isn’t just more reliable than Wi-Fi. It’s also packed with failsafes to make it more dependable than rival radio-based systems:

  • Our base units are fully synchronised. This means that they share the available radio spectrum, rather than competing for space. Colleagues can speak freely without any of the annoying cracks and whistles that come with limited radio space. 
  • Our seamless handover technology means that headsets automatically transfer to the nearest base unit. This allows colleagues to walk and talk without any loss of service. Competitor models will disconnect and reconnect when switching units, but ours do it instantly. 
  • Our base units use a star network configuration. This means that each unit works independently of other units. If one base unit malfunctions, the rest will continue to work as normal. Rival systems use a daisy chain configuration with base units connected in sequence via a cable. If one of these units breaks, the whole system crashes. 

15 advantages of choosing VoCoVo:

The shop floor can be an unpredictable place. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that VoCoVo won’t let you down. Talk to our team today to find out more.

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