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Article by John Hicks | 14th December 2021

UK stores are some of the most technologically advanced in the world. From virtual fitting rooms to smart shelving, technology has become an integral part of the British shopping experience:

We know that VoCoVo is only a small part of this picture. Our aim is to work alongside other technologies, not to replace them. Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with as many smart devices as possible. By adding the power of communication to your store’s existing technology, we can revolutionise the way you work. Here are just a few examples.

Remember important tasks

When the shop floor is busy, it’s easy for colleagues to forget certain jobs. These mistakes can be extremely costly. Leaving a fridge door open or forgetting to set the alarms at home time can have serious consequences. 

Our products use an API (Application Programming Interface) to connect to smart fridges and security doors. This allows these devices to ‘talk’ to colleagues via their headsets. If a job has been missed, the device will send a reminder to colleague headsets. This is great for efficiency and even better for peace of mind. Colleagues can end their shift knowing that nothing has been forgotten. 

Crack down on shoplifting

Shoplifting is an expensive problem for many stores. Customer theft has increased almost 50% in the last 20 years, costing retailers £770 million a year. Sadly, the pandemic has only made things worse. Face masks and social distancing have made it harder than ever for security teams to catch shoplifters. Luckily, we have a solution. 

By integrating with smart devices, we allow stores to take a two-pronged approach to tackling crime:

  • VoCoVo can be linked to smart shelving, helping you to spot suspicious patterns of stock depletion. We recently partnered with machine intelligence experts SHELFIE to perfect this system. SHELFIE uses a combination of computer vision technology and machine learning to spot discrepancies. Any unusual behaviour triggers an instant alert to all nearby headsets, allowing security colleagues to intervene. 

Find out more about our work with SHELFIE:

  • Headsets can be integrated with smart CCTV cameras to help you catch shoplifters in the act. As soon as a camera picks up suspicious behaviour, an automated alert is sent to security colleagues. This is far more discreet than a tannoy announcement, giving you a much better chance of apprehending criminals before they escape. 

Speed up the checkout process

Self-checkouts have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. 98% of customers have used the technology, and it is now the preferred checkout method for almost three quarters of shoppers

Self-checkout is convenient for customers, but this is not always the case for colleagues. The need for manual overrides often means that colleagues spend all day rushing between machines. By integrating with self-checkouts, we can make this process much easier:

  • Colleagues can authorise self checkout purchases from anywhere in sight of the checkout. When authorisation is needed, an audio alert is sent to all nearby headsets. An authorisation number is displayed above the checkout and colleagues can use this to authorise the purchase with a voice command. 
  • This system means that a single colleague can monitor all self-checkouts at once. This frees up other colleagues to work elsewhere in the store. It also prevents theft by allowing the supervising colleague to keep an eye on the entire checkout area. 


These are just some of the ways that VoCoVo can integrate with smart devices in your store. As new technology appears, so will new opportunities for collaboration. Give us a call to find out more

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