Retail without the background noise – How our environmental noise cancelling technology helps colleagues to focus

The shop floor will always be noisy, but it doesn’t have to be distracting. Our Series 5 Pro headset filters out unwanted sounds to keep colleagues focused.

Article by Chris McKie | 15th September 2023

From beeping checkouts to clanging trolleys, background noise is an unavoidable part of retail. While the decibel level in the average store is far from dangerous, noise levels are often high enough to hinder conversation between colleagues. 

This can be seriously detrimental to the customer experience. When colleagues struggle to communicate, they also struggle to share the information needed to solve queries. The result is slower response times and a lot of unhappy customers. Luckily, we have a solution. 

We’ve developed an innovative noise cancelling algorithm for use with our Series 5 Pro headset. This allows colleagues to share information with ease, creating a smoother customer experience. Here’s how it works and how it can help you to deliver world class customer service. 


The Series 5 Pro puts colleagues first. Here’s how:


Don’t let your customers’ needs get drowned out

Studies show that working in a noisy environment can damage concentration, leading to a significant decrease in productivity. One survey found that over half of workers struggle to concentrate in a noisy setting, while 52% get more done in a quiet environment. 

These findings are based on traditional offices, but the same concepts apply to retail. Colleagues who are distracted by background noise will find it harder to communicate, both with each other and with customers. This slows down the sharing of information, leading to slower responses to customer queries. 


This is a serious problem, especially in the current retail landscape. With customers now used to the speed and convenience of ecommerce, the average in-store shopper is running out of patience:

  • 43% of customers say that long waiting times are their biggest frustration
  • 82% of shoppers will actively avoid stores with long queues
  • Customer impatience has increased by 176% in the last year


Customer loyalty is also on the decline, with 68% of customers ditching brands that have let them down. With 60 million Brits now shopping online, this is business that you can’t afford to lose. 

The solution is to focus on what stores do best- human interaction. Colleagues need to respond to customer queries quickly and effectively, no matter how hectic things get. This isn’t just about having the right attitude. Colleagues need the right tools, and this is where we can help.


Cut through the noise

We can’t make your store quieter, but we can ensure that background noise doesn’t create a barrier between colleagues and customers. Our new Series 5 Pro headset uses the latest in noise cancelling technology to stop unwanted sound in its tracks:

  • The S5 is the first of our headsets to use two microphones. The front microphone is perfectly positioned to capture speech, while the back microphone focuses on cancelling out unwanted noise. 
  • The back microphone employs a noise-cancelling algorithm to filter out retail-specific background noise. We’ve sampled hundreds of soundscapes from retail stores and used them to train the algorithm to recognise and remove the most common types of noise pollution. 
  • With these distractions eliminated, colleagues can speak at a normal volume and understand each other with ease. Messages get through on the first try, allowing you to solve customer queries without unnecessary delays. 

As well as removing background noise, we’ve also made significant improvements to overall audio quality. The Series 5 Pro uses new digital signalling techniques to condense audio more efficiently. This has allowed us to quadruple message clarity without slowing down the system. 


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When these features are combined, the results are truly impressive. Colleagues can communicate freely, sharing information and helping customers in a fraction of the time. If you’d like to see the Series 5 Pro in action, get in touch and arrange a demonstration. 

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