Retail communication simplicity

Article by Olivia Robinson | 18th July 2019

In any retail environment, effective communication is essential, whether that is between management and customer facing colleagues, colleagues and security, or customers and store colleagues. The busier the store, the more critical it is to have in place effective solutions that will allow communication to take place instantly and effectively

Retail colleagues need to walk the line between offering the very highest customer assistance, whilst carrying out other essential tasks. In hectic trading spaces, particularly in larger stores, all employees will benefit from being supplied with efficient and easy to use communication solutions that ensure ultimate productivity.


Bespoke solutions

Investing in a bespoke package that will meet the specific needs of your retail situation is highly recommended. Time is often at a premium for shoppers, so offering methods that will allow them to instantly request customer assistance is a real plus point – after all, a happy customer is more likely to make repeat visits and multiple purchases. Retail call points or buttons can easily be placed in changing rooms, in areas where customers may need assistance in making a purchase decision, or next to security protected display cabinets. All the customer needs to do is press a button, to alert a member of staff to the fact that they require assistance.

Clever tech

Store colleagues are able to receive the information from the retail call points via a range of devices. These could include a wireless headset, handsets and wearable devices. This removes the need for a customer to personally seek out a member of staff, reducing the number of lost sales resulting from customer frustration. In addition, store colleagues are able to be more productive, as they are able to carry out other tasks away from the shop floor, in the knowledge that they will receive an alert as soon as their presence is required.

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