No more audio interference- how our base units ensure crystal clear communication

Article by Aaron Copestake | 19th May 2021

The future is looking bright for UK retail. As the vaccine programme goes from strength to strength, customers are returning to the high street in their thousands. Non-essential stores reopened on 12th April and UK consumers spent over four billion pounds in the first week alone.

With busy times ahead, you may be thinking of hiring new colleagues. This is great news for your store, but it does present some challenges. The bigger your team, the harder it can be to communicate effectively. Newer colleagues need to turn to more experienced team members for advice, but this can be difficult in large or crowded stores. This is where we can help: 

  • Our system supports up to 1,000 headsets on a single conference, giving you space to grow your business without having to change your equipment.
  •  Experienced colleagues can train new hires remotely without stopping their work. If a newer colleague gets stuck, help is only a button push away.

The clear choice for communication

Of course, supporting 1,000 headsets is no good if colleagues can’t understand each other. When it comes to communication, we believe that quality is just as important as quantity. That’s why our system is designed to provide the clearest conversations on the market. Here’s how we do it:

Synchronised base units

Our base units are the key to our success. Unlike our competitors, these units are fully synchronised. This means that they work together to share the available radio spectrum, eliminating interference. 

Competitor models do not synchronise their base units, meaning that headsets are always competing for radio space. This manifests itself in the form of irritating cracks and whistles. With VoCoVo, this is never an issue. 

Seamless handovers

Our headsets are designed for maximum mobility. You can move freely around the store with no disruption thanks to our seamless handover technology:

  • As you move between floors or departments, your headset will automatically transfer to the nearest base unit. This happens instantaneously with no interference or loss of signal. 
  • VoCoVo is the only system that offers such smooth handovers.  Competitor models will disconnect and reconnect every time you move between base units, leaving plenty of scope for dropped calls.  

Find out more about our Headsets:

Star network configuration 

The last thing you need is your communication system going down in the middle of a busy shift. That’s why we’ve designed our base units to keep working even if another unit breaks down: 

  • Our units are connected using a star network configuration. This means that each unit works independently without relying on a cabled connection to the next. If one unit breaks down, the rest will continue to function as normal. 
  • This saves you the trouble of calling out an engineer whenever a unit stops working. You can finish serving your customers and then fix the problem during a quieter period. 

Star networks are unique to VoCoVo, because we don’t want to rely on ‘daisy chain’ configurations. What is a ‘daisy chain’ configuration? Units are connected in sequence via a single chain of cables. If one unit breaks down, so will all subsequent units. A single fault can bring down your entire system without warning.

Our system brings long-term value, without cutting costs. With crystal clear sound, full signal coverage and safeguards against breakdowns, you can face the next shift with complete confidence.

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