How wireless headsets can improve store security

Article by Olivia Robinson | 28th November 2019

Wireless headsets improve in store security. Our research shows on average staff feel 176% more supported at work and 52% safer when they have a headset on.

Why do wireless headsets dramatically improve security?

Headsets act as a deterrent for those who steal. Seeing that staff are able to easily communicate with each other can prevent losses.

Shoplifting has increased by more than 7% over the last four years, according to police figures. This makes it more important than ever to act preventatively, as well as reactively.

Empowering colleagues

Our own research shows that staff feel 75% more supported, and 41% safer at work when wearing a headset.

Communications technology empowers staff by connecting them across teams, to security, to their manager and their colleagues. This feeling of togetherness makes staff feel confident in responding to theft.

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Security integration

More and more retail outlets are being forced to compromise on security staffing. Some are sharing security guards across multiple stores, whereas others rely on security systems instead of manpower.

Wireless headsets can dramatically improve reporting to security colleagues, enabling them to act quickly. Especially as security staffing is squeezed ever tighter, it makes sense to keep lines of communication as open as possible.

Work as a team

One of the most challenging issues around store security is the pressure on staff to act during an incident. This can be intimidating, especially if staff are in the vulnerable position of being alone on a shop floor.

Wireless headsets take the pressure off individuals to be the ‘hero’ and compels teams to work together. This communication also saves time in responding and improves the chances of collaboration in the face of losses.

Teamwork also results in happier work environments. Our studies show that following a VoCoVo implementation, the average team feels 275% increased in how effectively they work together. This is a positive step for both employees and employers.

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