How real-time reporting can improve customer experience

Article by Olivia Robinson | 12th June 2020

As we all adjust to the ‘next to normal’ stores, event venues, warehouses and restaurants all over the world are changing the way they serve customers. UK business has seen an unprecedented upheaval over the past few weeks, dramatically shifting the way customers behave and the way teams interact.

If you’re looking to make changes in the coming months, our real-time reporting can help you make smart decisions based on data.

What is real-time reporting?

Real-time reporting shows how your business is performing, providing insights on your team and customers behaviour. We tap into the valuable data that your store, restaurant, factory, event-venue or warehouse is generating. Real-time data means you can follow and harness trends as they happen. These instant business insights come directly from your customers and staff, and show the ROI on your investment.

Our own data based on 3 base units, 25 headsets and 40 headbands (approximately £8.5k investment per location) shows the following savings:

  • £594 per week per store (£30,888 p.a) by unmanning unused areas
  • £111 per week per store (£5,759 p.a) in task efficiency
  • £657 per colleague per annum (£16,425 per store p.a) in travel time reduction

How will this data help my business?

The data provided by real-time reporting can show you instantly in which areas of the business you can make savings, those that are most frequented by customers and the points at which colleagues need support. For example, we gather data on colleague travel times and customer wait times, which helps our customers to improve staff efficiency and solve queries more quickly.

Our customers described our solution as a ‘godsend’ in connecting customers, staff and management without physically risking social distancing. Many businesses might be considering investing in communication technology as it reduces the risk of shared headsets between staff. In this event, real-time reporting will help you track the metrics of how your technology is protecting social distancing.

Our solution is designed to be closely linked with an online portal, pulling in data from stores and putting it into an easy to analyse format for you. We track everything from CallPoint usage, KeyPad requests and customer queries to look into the specifics of how your unit is used. We’ve seen our customers use these insights to improve their store management, change staffing routines or update onboarding.

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Our solution is also designed to help all customers have the most frictionless experience. Especially given the current requirements for social distancing, it’s more important than ever to enable customer and team communication to be quick, easy and safe.

We know that every store, factory, warehouse, event venue or restaurant has its own unique footprint, with different customer and staff needs. Our reporting enables you to adapt quickly, which is one of the most important ways of staying ahead of the curve in the current climate.

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