Our communication technology helps staff confidently respond to customers and colleagues, even if they’re working alone. The two-way headsets connect entire teams and work across different floors, aisles and buildings.

The headset is integrated with Call Points and KeyPads, allowing staff to hear customer requests or any checkout queries in real-time. This has a dramatic impact on how supported staff feel.

“This system worked fantastically at our Jack’s stores. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system helped our staff to work flexibly, respond to the needs of customers and their colleagues, and helped the launch of our new stores run smoothly.”

Andy Newbould, Jack’s – Part of the Tesco Family

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Working alone can be challenging if staff are spread across large stores or working at night. Customers expect all staff to be knowledgeable about a wide range of products, which can be demanding for newer colleagues.

Our headsets help staff feel ready to assist customers at a moment’s notice and connect less experienced members to the entire team in case feedback is needed.

Flexibility and faster onboarding

In the wake of the global pandemic, stores are onboarding new staff rapidly. Experienced staff might be stretched further than ever before, as businesses grow or shrink in the coming months. Newer members have the added pressure of learning procedures in a short space of time.

Our technology makes onboarding easier, as staff can access regular guidance through a single channel of communication. It also allows for flexibility, as all staff take on different responsibilities as lockdown eases.

Morale boosting

We’ve found one of the single most powerful benefits of communication technology is staff morale. Isolated staff might feel disconnected at work without a way of communicating. We’ve seen in many use cases that our solution brings teams together and lifts morale, as staff chat across the day and enjoy socialising with each other.

Our own data shows an uplift of 80% in staff morale, feelings of security and connectedness following a VoCoVo installation.

Secure and safe

Our system also acts to improve security, by deterring losses. In small or convenience stores that work through the night, reports show reductions of up to 25% in losses after the installation of headsets.

If colleagues are seen to be communicating, thieves are less likely to act. But even if incidents do occur, colleagues feel more empowered to act discreetly with a communication tool in place.

Whether you want to save money, serve your customers better or improve the efficiency of branches, we’re here to help.