How better team communication can save you 1,825 man-hours per store

Article by Martyn Jones | 28th May 2020

Every time we install a VoCoVo solution in a new store, we complete a ‘proof of concept’. We use this opportunity to collect data using special pedometers, tracking the performance of a team across a fortnight. We gather data again following the installation of our headsets. The results are in and we’d like to share them. Better team communication could save you up to 1,825 hours in wasted time per store every year. Let’s look into what a better team communication solution could do for you.

Better team communication means less travel time

VoCoVo has tested our solutions across multiple teams and sites, the savings we uncovered are significant. Better team communication saves man-hours by reducing the amount of time colleagues spend travelling. On average, the travel time reduction with VoCoVo is 1.4km per colleague per day.

If you pay £9 an hour and reduce the distance travelled by just 1km per day, it saves:

£657 per colleague per annum

£316 per week per store

£16,425 per annum per store

This is an average saving of 1,825 hours annually in every store. If you have an estate of 300 stores that is a saving of £4.9 million per annum. With an even bigger estate of 750 stores, the saving would be £12.3 million each year. 

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Better communication means improved task efficiency

With a VoCoVo communication system in place, task efficiency improves dramatically. Colleagues no longer need to spend time on tasks that aren’t essential. Problems arising whilst on task can be dealt with in real time. It enables individuals to work flexibly and saves time wasted between tasks.

Our data shows that on average our solution saves 105 minutes per day. That equates to £111 per week per store, a saving of £5,749 per annum. If your business pays £9 an hour, across 300 stores this is a saving of £1.7 million every year. Across 750 stores this number is £4 million annually. 

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Better communication means no unmanned desks or empty counters

With a VoCoVo solution in place, there is no need for unmanned desks or empty counters. If your staff man Click & Collect, customer service desks, or have meat, fish or deli counters – this is 66 hours in lost time per week for your business.

Removing one colleague from an area saves £594 per week per store. This is an annual saving of £30,888 per store. If this is rolled out to 300 stores, the savings increase to £9.2 million every year. Over 750 stores, we’re talking about a reduction in £23.2 million. 

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