Full-duplex, fully explained

What does it mean?

Article by John Hicks | 7th January 2022

A lot of our blogs focus on the overall impact of the VoCoVo system. Whether it’s saving money or reducing walking distance, our products work together to create some truly spectacular results. 

However, we’re also keen to highlight some of the specific benefits of our devices. Along with a strong signal and a long-lasting battery, our headsets come equipped with full-duplex technology. This is a small feature that makes a big difference. Let’s take a closer look.

What is full-duplex?

In general terms, a full-duplex device is one that can send and receive data at the same time. This is in contrast to a half-duplex device, which can only send and receive data separately. A telephone is an example of a full duplex device, while a walkie talkie is an example of a half-duplex device.

In the case of our headsets, full-duplex technology means that colleagues can speak and listen at the same time. This gives conversations a more natural feel, allowing colleagues to relax and communicate with ease. 

This might not sound like much at first, but it has huge ramifications for the shop floor. From improving training to cracking down on crime, here’s how full duplex can help you to reach your full potential.

Better training

With a possible resurgence of COVID-19 and a harsh winter flu season on the cards, colleague shortages are likely in the coming months. This can make it hard to train new recruits. Removing a colleague from the shop floor to conduct a training session is a lot to ask when numbers are tight. Luckily, there’s a better way. 

Our headsets allow new recruits to shadow experienced colleagues while they work. Colleagues can explain each task without having to pause their work. If a trainee needs further explanation, they only have to ask. 

This is where full-duplex makes a big difference. Being able to speak and listen at the same time means that these sessions feel like a conversation, not a lecture. New colleagues can relax and ask questions without feeling like they are imposing. 

Studies show that 87% of companies see an improvement in proficiency when they use collaborative training. Turning training into a conversation also gives new recruits the chance to offer feedback on your methods. You can use this information to improve training even further. 

Find out more about training with VoCoVo: 

Safer stores

Full-duplex is all about conveying information as easily as possible. This is especially important when it comes to tackling crime. Time is of the essence when catching shoplifters, and full-duplex can drastically reduce response times. 

When an incident occurs, colleagues can contact security via their headsets. Full-duplex allows floor colleagues and security teams to stay in touch as security approaches the scene. If the situation changes, colleagues can update the security team in real time. This means that security colleagues arrive faster and better informed than they would if they were responding to a tannoy announcement or a walkie talkie alert.  

Find out more about improving security with VoCoVo: 

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that there’s no substitute for face to face conversation. Even when this isn’t possible, full-duplex ensures that talking with colleagues feels as close to the real thing as possible. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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