5 manual processes that voice technology can transform in retail

Article by Martyn Jones | 29th October 2020

Our voice technology is designed to replace tannoys, phone systems and clunky hardware. 

Via a single, open channel of communication, we transform retail processes that traditionally would have been slow to complete. No wonder 88% of Tesco colleagues said that ‘VoCoVo makes their job easier.’

Let’s look at the 5 key manual processes that voice technology can transform:

1. Looking for help

Colleagues spend an awful lot of time looking for help. Whether it’s getting another colleague from backstage, seeking support for a customer service query or getting expert advice from another location, answering questions takes time.

More and more of us are shopping online. In fact, 2020 saw 50% of the UK shop online, many for the first time. Online shoppers expect instant feedback and are quick to abandon their carts. This has impacted customer expectations in store. 

Luckily, VoCoVo’s ecosystem enables your team to communicate instantly. Instead of leaving the customer to seek support, a colleague can remain in situ, get the information they need quickly, and deliver a better customer experience all in one go.

Read our ‘Supercharging Teams’ ASDA case study.

2. Seeking stock advice

A typical customer query in most retail settings is around the stock. In fact, it’s the most common question colleagues are asked, ‘Is this in stock?’ Normally, a colleague would have to head backstage to find out. VoCoVo changes this immediately.

With our ecosystem in place, every colleague wears a headset. This enables front of house colleagues to speak to those in the stock rooms, getting information in real-time. It cuts down on wasted commuting, saving colleagues an average of 1KM travelled per day. Overall, this adds up to higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

3. Self-checkouts

Customers prefer unmanned tills because it offers more freedom and speed. But roughly 25% of all self-checkout transactions require colleague intervention. What can be done about this?

VoCoVo’s voice technology allows for the unmanning of certain areas in-store. This will enable colleagues to deal with authorisation of self-checkouts remotely, saving time and energy. Colleagues can then be redeployed in-store, to busier areas. This also speeds up the customer journey, improving the checkout experience.

4. Product recall

Product recalls can be smooth and efficient with voice technology. HQ can push out communication instantly across all of its stores, delivering the same message at the same time to relevant colleagues. 

This speeds up the removal of the product from shelving and can ensure recalls are dealt with as quickly as possible.

5. IoT alerts

VoCoVo’s open API offers a range of IoT integrations. We connect with fridges, bakery ovens, door alarms and other in-store devices. 

This enables instant notification to colleagues when an alert is triggered. For example, if a fridge is over-temperature, or if an emergency alarm is triggered in a toilet, colleagues can deal with it much faster.

We save our customers time and money by speeding up retail processes. Transformation is easy, with the right voice technology.

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