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Article by Olivia Robinson | 22nd June 2020

Everyone is adapting to remote work. Our retail and wholesale customers are connecting teams across large warehouses with complex supply chains. The restaurant and hospitality industry has had to adapt to physical distancing and the demands of delivery and collection. Colleagues in these sectors may work in the same building as each other, but still be required to physically distance from their team.

Remote teams are becoming the norm, whether that’s working from home or working separately at the same location. Roughly 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely by the end of 2020. This has been driven by the global pandemic, but is also part of a larger shift taking place over the last decade.

Workers want flexible hours and the option to work from home. Teams in almost every sector must now work seamlessly together, from multiple locations. 

VoCoVo’s product suite is built to perfectly connect remote teams in real time. Our communication systems are composed of individual headsets for team members, connected across a single channel of communication.

All our solutions are purpose built and tested via a proof of concept, making each individual use case unique to suit the customer.

‘This is the best thing ever, I don’t have to run around and leave my area to find people all the time’ 

Manager – The Sussex Exchange

How will this benefit my business?

We believe that better ways of working rely on better communication. If your team is able to talk to each other throughout the day, questions are answered quickly, customers are served consistently well and colleagues feel supported and motivated.

Our own data shows uplifts of up to 80% in staff morale following a proof of concept install.

Communication is vital in all remote teams, it saves time and improves efficiency. As well as improving customer service, it helps your staff to stay on top of issues as they arise, keep an eye on stock levels, stay on top of phone calls and find each other more quickly. It makes product recalls effortless to deal with.

We’ve worked out that on average, our solution saves colleagues walking 1km per day – that equates to an efficiency saving of over £16,000 per annum per store. If you have an estate of 700 stores, that means £12m a year in savings.

Thinking ahead

As social and physical distancing become an everyday facet of our economy, communication is more important than ever. Our technology connects teams across every corner of the workplace, from large retail stores to Olympic-sized stadiums. It enables team members to take phone calls on the go, interact with customer queries from CallPoints and find their colleagues wherever they are. 

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It’s our mission in 2020 to help our customers be happier and more connected at work. This starts with better communication using technology. If you want a motivated, connected team, with more time to spend on tasks, we’re here to help.

The technology we use helps colleagues work together all around your business. Get in touch with our specialist team today to find out how we could help you.

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