Self-Serve Checkout Integration

Help your customers beat the queues

Authorize transactions faster, get more customers through self-checkout, and improve efficiency, all with fewer members of staff.

Flexible staffing at self-checkout

Based on data from our customers, manning self-checkouts full-time costs an average of $41,100 per store, per year. By integrating our VoCoVo Headsets and Call Points, there’s no need to tie team members down to self-checkouts. Instead, customers simply request assistance as and when they need it. The best bit? By freeing up just one person to work elsewhere, you’ll typically recoup your installation costs within three months.

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Audio notifications

When a checkout needs attention, VoCoVo alerts the right team member via their Headset. This means they can be working elsewhere in the store and still respond to customers.

  1. Self-checkout alerts VoCoVo
    When a checkout generates an alert, the team member managing the till area gets an audio notification via API to their Headset.
  2. Your team gets more information
    The relevant team member hears a message with the checkout number and action required. For example, “Self-checkout three. Customer needs assistance. Invalid item in bagging area.”
  3. Problems are resolved quickly
    Your team can choose the fastest way to help each customer. From talking to them remotely and authorizing requests with a voice command, to assisting in-person.
Level 2

Remote customer service

With VoCoVo, customers can call for assistance as and when they need it. By not covering self-checkouts and Click & Collect areas around the clock, you could save $40,000+ per store, per year (average based on data from our customers).

  1. Customers request assistance
    When a customer needs assistance at self-checkout, they can press the Help button on the screen to notify a member of your store team.
  2. Your team responds remotely
    A team member accepts the request on their Headset and the customer can talk to them through the Call Point’s mic—just like they would in-person.
  3. Customers are happier, stores more productive
    VoCoVo’s instant voice connection makes it easy for customers to get help quickly and reduces your team’s travel time during each shift.
Level 3

Remote intervention

Frustrated customers at self-checkout? Nobody likes waiting for a team member to press a button. With VoCoVo, associates can verify requests with a quick voice command from anywhere in sight of the checkout.

  1. Self-checkout requests authorization
    When a checkout needs intervention, the team member managing the till area gets an audio notification via API to their Headset.
  2. Your team gets more information
    The team member covering the checkout area hears a message with the checkout number and action required. For example, “Checkout four. Customer needs assistance. Age verification.” A unique authorization code is displayed above the checkout screen.
  3. Transactions are verified faster
    Team members can approve a request with a simple voice command using the authorization code displayed. This speeds up transactions for a better customer experience and more profitable self-checkouts.

Supercharge your self-checkouts for

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Empowered teams

Associates no longer need to waste time monitoring checkout lights.

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Faster transactions

Pick up and resolve checkout errors and issues instantly for quicker through put

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Unbeatable experiences

Customers leave happier when they don’t have to go looking for help or wait in line.

Software capabilities

Bring the power of voice to your stores

From CCTV and telephone integration to running apps like Kronos and Reflexis, our systems have the power to connect all the tech you trust. With ready-to-go standard features like real-time reporting, data exports, and IoT alerts to help you build safer, more efficient, and more coordinated stores.

How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favorite third-party integrations, to drive efficiency and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

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