Press a button and speak, and your whole team can listen, talk, and help.


Deliver real retail team efficiency with VOCOVO wireless headsets. Provide instant conferenced wireless communication between colleagues.

Why VOCOVO wireless headsets?

Team members on different floors, in different buildings and even colleagues assisting customers in retail car parks, can communicate as if they were in the same room with our wireless retail communication headsets.

Integrating with the range of VOCOVO input devices, the wireless headset relays audio messages generated at CallPoints and at the checkout via KeyPads. For example ‘Customer assistance required – Power tools’ or ‘Pricing enquiry – Checkout 6’

Integration with store telephony
Never miss a telephone call to your store from a customer. This easy to use optional function enables incoming telephone calls to be handled via the VOCOVO wireless communication headset.

Conferenced zones
Teams in different departments and even different buildings can communicate independently using single or multiple conferenced zones. Users may switch between zones to talk to colleagues outside of their immediate team.

Multiple feature wireless communication Headsets 

  • Open Mic – Broadcast messages to the whole team without the need to keep the Push-to-talk button pressed.
  • Voice prompts – alert headsets users to notifications such as battery status.


Key Features:

Crystal clear audio
Lightweight and robust headsets
Telephone call handling
Single or multiple conferenced zones
Unlimited coverage
Full duplex communication
48 Hours use from a single charge
Secure & confidential


“As someone who works in a busy food retail environment, I find the headsets fantastic. They reduce your workload from the moment you put them on. It also improves communication between my team and helps us give customers the best possible service.”

Major food Retailer
Team leader

“I’m in touch with everyone without having to find them. Everyone is aware and they can respond more quickly. I can delegate instantly and the instruction can be picked up by multiple people, not just one.”


“We tried walkie talkies but the handsets & battery packs were bulky and cabling obtrusive. Crackly, single channel communication often blocked out essential messaging. We tested bluetooth and conventional radio systems, but all failed to impress.”

A satisfied VOCOVO customer