By VoCoVo’s EuroShop2020 duo— Aaron Copestake, Olivia Robinson, and Connor O’Shea

“Global retail is responding to rapidly evolving consumer habits and expectations that are driving the collective push for a reinvention of the offline retail experience. 

Calendar pillars like EuroShop are playing an increasingly central role as forums of change where vendors and retailers are coming together to launch the incentives and shape the narratives set to bring clarity and definition to the ‘future of retail’ picture that has gradually come into focus over the past decade or so.

Olivia Robinson and Connor O’Shea join me in offering insight into the event so far.”

Aaron Copestake
s Business Consultant Retail Transformer

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EuroShop’s 8 Dimensions of Retail

Retail Marketing | Expo & Event Marketing | Retail Technology | Lighting | Visual Merchandising | Store Design | Food Service & Equipment | Refrigeration and Energy Management

Olivia Robinson…

Olivia: “So far so good—EuroShop’s ‘8 dimensions of retail’ hall plan tells me there’s a healthy appetite for developing physical retail with strong vendor presence across all major product categories—despite all the ‘doom and gloom’ I read from naysayers pushing the ‘online will kill bricks and mortar’ narrative.”

What’s caught my eye this year?

“I’ve worked very closely with tier-1 supermarket clients running proof-of-concept tests like measuring ‘team milage’ with pedometers, before and after they get hands on with our retail tech.

There’s a talk in hall 6 on ‘A/B’ testing in stores to test different store layouts and predict outcomes based on shopper behaviour in similar existing stores—sounds like my kind of talk.”

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Think a  proof of concept could uncover hidden operational pinch points like over-manning, non-purchase customers and time inefficiencies? Connect with us and we’ll shed light on exactly how we test to predict positive outcomes of a full rollout.

Talking customer insight:
“From shopper behaviour insights to retail chain performance optimisation”

A/B testing is a very common practice to optimise website performance. In-store analytics allows you to apply a similar approach to supermarkets and physical stores. By comparing how shopper behaviour varies between similar stores, it is possible to test, compare and measure the impact of different layouts, merchandising strategies and marketing campaigns. Results, when applied to the chain level, have a tremendous impact on chain performance and margins.

   Björn Weber, DLG TestService, Senior Consultant Digital Services.

   Iacopo Carreras, Thinkinside, CEO

Where? Hall 6 I Stall 61 See Site Plan
Event language: English with dubbing in German.

Connor O’shea…

Connor: The Retail Tech hall we’re stationed at and the Store Design hall are both thriving this year with the bulk of the vendor presence—650 and 641 exhibitors respectively.

This shows a continued upward trend in drives from the retail tech players as well as big innovations in store design concepts—both are clearly at the front of the wave of transformation and this suggests real confidence in the future of bricks and mortar retail.”

What on my radar at ES2020?

As ‘the new guy’, I’m just realising the depth of retail technology available and I’m awed by how far along this journey retail already is. I have my eye on Jeff Grant’s take on what retailers can do to keep customers in-store and engaged, before getting cold feet and leaving empty-handed. It sounds like such a simple thing to get right, but some of the stats I’ve read around empty-handed walkouts are staggering.”

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Talking retail tech:
“Technology for Seamless In-Store Experiences & Increased Retailer Profits”

A seamless in-store shopping experience is critical in preventing customers from leaving before a sales transaction is completed.

To enable this, retailers want to put high value merchandise on display and into the hands of potential customers; rather than relying on associates to go “get the manager’s key”, opening a window for customers to abandon the purchase. Innovative technologies are now available to help retailers keep customers in-store, convert shoppers into purchasers, and maintain a high security level to protect valuable merchandise.

   Björn Weber, DLG TestService, Senior Consultant Digital Services.

   Jeff Grant, InVue, Director of Product Innovation

Where? Hall 6 I Stall 61 See Site Plan
Event language: English with dubbing in German.

s Martyn Jones sums up…

“Unable to make this year’s show, I entrusted Olivia and Connor as flag-bearers.

Having personally attended an NRF2020 wall-to-wall with some of the jaw-dropping retail tech and store concept equipment we’re looking to integrate our offering into, I’m confident EuroShop2020 will produce more promising outcomes. Particularly in exploratory vendor/vendor and vendor/retailer narratives we’re looking to develop.

If you’re as determined as we are to change for the better the retail landscape for retailers and consumers alike, connect with us and participate in the conversation—together we can safeguard a bright future for offline retail.”

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