Worried about secure communications? Three ways we keep your conversations private

Article by Martyn Jones | 21st July 2021

At VoCoVo, security is at the heart of what we do. We believe that better communication between colleagues is the key to preventing crime in stores. In previous blogs, we’ve focused on the ways in which our system can help you to reduce losses by tackling shoplifters. This is a vital aspect of security, but there’s more to protecting your store than just monitoring the shop floor. 

1. VoCoVo doesn’t rely on an internet connection 

It’s taken for granted these days that every new technology will be linked to the internet. Smart devices have many benefits for retailers, but they are also vulnerable to cyber attacks. Since all data from these devices is usually stored in a single cloud location, a single breach can give hackers access to everything. 

Both Tesco and Boots have recently suffered huge data breaches in which the confidential information of customers was stolen. Such incidents are not only bad for your reputation, but also potentially very expensive. GDPR law makes it your responsibility to protect personal data. Failing to do so can incur a fine of up to £17.5 million. 

Our system doesn’t rely on the internet to operate. This means that it can’t be hacked externally in the way that a smart device can. It also means that, if your store’s internet goes down, your communications won’t go down with it. 

2. Headsets are more secure than walkie-talkies

Traditional walkie-talkies also work without an internet connection, but they are vulnerable in other ways. Depending on the model, it can be easy for eavesdroppers to listen in on conversations. Less sophisticated walkie talkies may use an open radio frequency which can be accessed by anyone within range. 

With VoCoVo there are no open radio frequencies, so nobody can hijack your channel. 

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3. Private conversations 

Not all conversations contain confidential information, but that doesn’t mean that you want all of your colleagues to hear them. VoCoVo doesn’t just protect you from external threats. It also allows you to keep private conversations private:

  • One to one calling allows you to request a colleague by name and initiate a private conversation via your headset.
  • Multiple conferences let you create separate channels for specific departments or groups of colleagues. For example, you can create a separate channel for security colleagues to discuss their work in private.
  • Mute function allows you to turn off your mic when you don’t want to be heard.  
  • If you are having hands-free conversation, a periodic reminder will s
  • top you from leaving the channel open by accident.

Every new technology is a trade off between risk and reward. The internet has made communication easier than ever, but it has also created new opportunities for criminals.  By providing a secure channel of communication that doesn’t rely on an internet connection, VoCoVo allows you to reap the benefits of a connected shop floor while keeping your confidential information safe. 

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