Why stores no longer need multiple telephone providers

Article by Olivia Robinson | 12th November 2020

Telephony is a major expense for every retail business. VOiP systems start at around £80 per unit, which over 750 sites (based on 10 units per site) costs an additional £600,000. An organisation with 2000 phones can expect to pay £80,000 for installation alone. This is before ongoing costs of licensing and maintenance. Things become even more complicated if your business opts for multiple telephony providers. 

VoCoVo offers convenience and value for money. Our headsets can integrate with all of your existing telephone providers, or we can take over your telephony completely. The result? You get one seamless channel of communication. 

Say goodbye to multiple providers

In business, ‘keep it simple’ is always a good rule of thumb. VoCoVo does just that by incorporating multiple processes into a single straightforward ecosystem. While every store has its own base units, headsets, and call points, these are all linked together seamlessly across your entire network. This means that it is just as easy to talk to a colleague on the other side of the country as one on the other side of the store. 

Our headsets allow colleagues to perform a range of actions without being tethered to a landline, or forced to carry a smartphone or walkie-talkie. Colleagues can make, answer, hold and transfer calls from anywhere in the store. 

Best of all, VoCoVo can integrate with all the major telephone providers, including Cisco, Avaya and Broadcom. We can even take over your telephony service completely, so you can consolidate your providers in one place.

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No missed calls

With most information available online, customers only pick up the phone when they have an urgent need. This makes it more important to answer every call. 85% of customers whose calls are not answered will not ring back a second time, and these customers are 60% more likely to take their business elsewhere. 

Mobile phones can be unreliable as they rely on colleagues stopping their current task to answer. This can be just as frustrating for colleagues as it is for customers. In our recent survey, 40% of retail colleagues said that they would be more productive if they could answer calls at the same time as restocking shelves. 

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How does it work?

Once we have integrated with your telephony, the process of making and receiving calls is simple. 

  • Select which members of your team can make and receive calls. This can be changed throughout the day depending on colleagues’ availability. 
  • When a call comes in, the selected headsets will ring like a normal phone. Any available colleague can answer simply by touching the PTT button.
  • The colleague can answer the query while roaming the store. This is especially useful if the enquiry relates to stock levels. 
  • If the colleague is unable to answer the query, they can forward the call to another member of the team. At the press of a button, they can put the customer on hold, inform the relevant colleague and transfer the call. 

Our headsets provide the perfect solution by allowing colleagues to answer calls from anywhere in store at the press of a button. The handsfree design means that they can take calls while they work, allowing for better time management and greater efficiency. This approach is also better for the customer as it allows them to speak directly with knowledgeable frontline staff. This means that queries about stock levels and other questions relating to the shop floor can be answered immediately. 

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