Why do retail workers feel valued at work? 85% attribute it to their colleagues

Article by Olivia Robinson | 24th August 2020

Our recent white paper, Empowering the Forgotten Frontline examines the impact of COVID-19 on retail workers in the UK. 

We uncovered some positive trends; despite the pressures being exerted on everyone in this sector, workers are feeling happy. 48% reported being content with their position. 

What’s the single biggest contributor to retail workers happiness? Their colleagues.

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Teamwork matters in retail. At VoCoVo, we’ve seen the impact of better communication between teams and measured it using our own proof of concept data.

We measure colleague satisfaction before and after the installation of every ecosystem. In several stores, we noticed that when communication between colleagues goes up, morale rises by an average of 50%. 

In other words, the closer retail workers feel to their team, the happier they are in their job.

Following the end of lockdown in the UK, VoCoVo conducted some further research. We found out that two-thirds of retail workers feel empowered in their job, 71% also said they were productive at work despite the pandemic. 

We asked retail workers for the most important reason they feel empowered, and 85% said they feel connected to their colleagues. 

This is extremely good news for retail employers. However, there is still work to be done. We found out that less than a third (30%) of workers feel very connected to their team and over half felt there was room for improvement. 

Connecting a retail team is a complicated affair, especially given the current regulations around social distancing. Managers shouldn’t risk wellbeing, but equally don’t want their team to feel disconnected from each other.

VoCoVo is a market-leading provider of communications technology. We work with the biggest retailers in the UK to ensure their teams stay together, whatever happens. 

Our latest innovations enable instant notifications, voice messaging and personalised task notes via our durable, long-lasting headsets.

Don’t allow your team to become disconnected. Give them the gift of communication.

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