We’re heading back to NRF 2021 virtually: Retail’s Big Show in New York

Article by Martyn Jones | 5th January 2021

VoCoVo attended National Retail Foundation 2020: Retail’s Big Show in New York. We had an amazing time, rubbing shoulders with other leading vendors and big global retail brands.

We were staggered by the sheer number of big brands that we met up with, including Walmart, JDA and Reflexis. Our productive meetings grew into strong relationships for 2021. Having delivered incredible results for our customers in Europe, we knew we could offer an irresistible set of services to American partners too.

Our visit stateside was fantastic, helping us to make connections in the USA and get a deeper understanding of the global marketplace. Above all, our team found it both inspiring and exciting! We came away having made a few good friends across the Atlantic.

NRF 2021

This year, we’re taking part again in the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2021. In January, we’re kicking off 2021 with a virtual session. This summer, depending on the global pandemic and different guidelines, we’re hoping to head back to the USA for Chapter Two of the event.

We’re excited to go and show the value VoCoVo has delivered for our clients, and meet yet more inspiring and enthusiastic US retail colleagues.

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