VoCoVo Vs Walkie-Talkie

Article by Aaron Copestake | 15th April 2020

The humble walkie-talkie has been the poster boy of two-way radio communications since development as part of the American WWII effort and has been around in one form or another ever since, serving industries of all kinds.

In today’s global, digital, connected markets, businesses face new barriers to growth with greater strain on communications and logistics. Pinch-points become harder to identify and inefficiencies creep in undetected.

More and more businesses are turning to full-duplex, walkie-talkie alternatives that strengthen the backbone of communications while also enabling capture of top-down, operational analytics that help ID and iron out hidden pinch-points.

So what is it about full-duplex voice-comms that has the walkie-talkie sending out an SOS? Let’s take a look at the side-by-side to see how full-duplex delivers much, much more than just simple voice communications at-a-distance.

 Walkie-Talkie  VoCoVo Push-to-talk (PTT)
Simplex Communication

One-at-a-time, send *or* receive speech. Slow, high-friction, inefficient. Analogue low-fi, low-clarity sound.

Full Duplex Communication

Many-at-a-time send *and* receive speech. Dynamic, fluid, efficient. Hi-fi, crystal clear sound.

No analytics, no operational insight

You push, you talk. That’s about it.

VoCoVo Portal (Analytics)

For powerful headset data analysis driving operational change, cost saving and better opportunity capture.

No message casts

Err… you push, you talk. That’s about it.

VoCoVo Portal (Message casts)

Issues taking card payments? Instantly send recorded or uploaded company-wide voice messages and updates to all stores and all headsets from one central location.

No telephony integration

The phone rings—walkie-talkie knows nothing about it. Potential for missed calls and missed opportunity.

Telephony integration

Pick up external calls on-the-go via headset. Call transfer from headset-to-headset. Never miss important calls again.

Bulky, noisy, hand-held
Hands full? Too bad.

Prone to loud, unprofessional message-leaks into the customer environment.

Lightweight, discreet, hands-free

Hands full? Talk and multitask with ‘talk-lock’. Confidential and crystal clear. No message leaks into the customer environment.

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