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Article by Aaron Copestake | 15th June 2021

For those businesses who have managed to weather the pandemic, things are beginning to look brighter.  Since the reopening of non-essential stores, spending on many of the nation’s high streets has already returned to pre-pandemic levels. On Saturday 17th April alone, UK consumers spent over a billion pounds

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With business on the rise, now is the perfect time to improve your in-store communication. We believe that VoCoVo offers excellent value for money- so much so that it is likely to pay for itself in a matter of months. However, we understand that you may be wary about investing in a new system during such an uncertain time. That’s why we’ve broken down the different ways you can introduce VoCoVo, depending on your budget: 

VoCoVo Go: the ultimate bargain

VoCoVo Go is an affordable “plug and play” option, specially designed for smaller teams. Every Go package comes with a base unit, a charging rack and between five and 29 headsets. All of the equipment works straight out of the box. Just charge your headsets and away you go!

After a while, you may decide that you want to increase the capabilities of your system. Rather than installing the full system from scratch, you can upgrade your Go package to Go+. This adds keypads and call points to your system, making communication even easier. You can specify how many of each piece of equipment you need, ensuring that the end result is a perfect fit. 

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Big savings in a matter of weeks

Our system saves you money in four main ways: speeding up self-checkouts, unmanning counters, reducing travel time and increasing task efficiency:

  • Headsets allow you to authorise self-checkout purchases remotely. Removing one colleague from the self-checkout area will save you £702 per week per store. At this rate, VoCoVo will pay for itself in just over 12 weeks. 
  • Call Points allow you to unman Click & Collect and customer service desks. Removing one colleague from these areas will save you £594 per week per store. This means that you will cover your installation costs in just three months.  
  • Communicating via headsets can reduce each colleague’s daily walking distance by an average of 1.4km. This will save your store over £440 each week. At this rate, VoCoVo will pay for itself in just over 19 weeks. 
  • VooCoVo can save you 105 minutes per day by improving task efficiency. This translates into a saving of £111 per week per store, covering installation costs in 18 months. 

Remember that all of these savings will be happening simultaneously, meaning that you are likely to cover your costs even faster. 

How much does it cost?

It’s hard to put an exact figure on the cost of installing VoCoVo. It will vary based on the size of your store, the number of stores in your network and which plan you select. However, after installing hundreds of systems for every type of business, we are able to give you a good idea of the likely cost. 

We tailor every VoCoVo package to suit the needs of each customer. Some of our customers need up to 750 stores covered, whereas others may have fewer sites and different requirements. Our customer team is dedicated to finding the right package for you, whatever your budget or size.

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