The Evolution of Staff Paging Systems to Keypads

Article by Olivia Robinson | 25th June 2019

From the 1980s, staff paging systems were a popular tool for many businesses. Widely used across multiple industries, these handheld devices were the latest innovation providing an improved communication solution in the workplace.

Surprisingly, staff paging systems (or pagers) are still being used in a handful of businesses today. While the technology continues to evolve, its popularity is going the way of the dinosaurs.

It takes only six minutes for customers to leave a store empty-handed because of lengthy queues, whilst 51.3% of customers leave for that reason alone. With these figures certainly impacting revenue, businesses have since opted for a faster, more reliable means of communication: KeyPads.

What are VoCoVo KeyPads?

VoCoVo KeyPads are advanced till paging systems that help to accelerate the checkout process for cashier workers or box office staff. With the touch of a button, users can communicate with one another from different locations in the workplace thanks to its integration with VoCoVo’s headsets and handsets.

Using the choice of buttons available, cashiers can communicate the exact query topic with team leaders, enabling them to answer quickly and efficiently. Our KeyPads are also fitted with a speaker that allows two-way communication between colleagues for further assistance.

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5 advantages VoCoVo KeyPads have over staff paging systems

VoCoVo’s robust KeyPads allow for a more efficient and productive workplace than that of businesses still using pagers. Here we’ve listed five advantages our KeyPads have over staff paging systems:

1. Up to eight customisable buttons

You choose what each button on the KeyPad is for, to suit your business’ needs. Choose from options like price enquiry, more till roll, cleaner required, age authorisation, cash/change top-up, and team leader assistance.

2. Designed around your branch

You can have multiple KeyPads on a single system, meaning less equipment and improved communication and storage capacity. This will help the store manager who can carry one answering system for all colleagues. They can then walk to the till or respond remotely, saving valuable time and reducing queues without opening extra checkouts.

3. Comes with Audio CallBack

One of the best advantages VoCoVo KeyPads have over staff paging systems is the opportunity to communicate directly via speech. Whereas pagers require the user to type text via the implemented QWERTY keyboard, employees need only to press a single button on the KeyPad to allow for crystal clear two-way communication — much faster than having to type and wait for a response.

4. Integrated with other products

While staff paging systems can be integrated with desktops or laptops, our KeyPads can be used with our headsets and handsets, enabling for quicker response time and a wider spread of store floor workers in a better position to help your customers.

5. Allows till recognition

With till recognition, staff are notified of the request and told which till it comes from, meaning there’s no need to track down the exact till via the old ‘light’ system whereby a checkout light will flash for assistance. This also reduces the need to use outdated loudspeaker systems to call over a team member and wait for their arrival.

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The evolution of staff paging systems

As digitalisation and technology advances, the need for industries to match ever-growing customer demands remain a priority. With customer experience playing a huge role in a business’ development, the retail, hospitality, and events sectors have turned to advanced communication solutions in order to improve their customer service whilst at the same time ironing out one of several pain points – checkout efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to our innovative KeyPad solution, checkout workers can request support at the press of a button, alerting team leaders to customer queries or checkout needs. The multiple customised buttons also help to funnel the exact query topic, enabling for a swifter response in actioning the call and less need to open up further checkouts for any potential delays.

If your business is still using staff paging systems, it’s time to step out of the 80s and into the advanced technological world of today — with all the magic that brings

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