The benefits of a more independent team with communication technology

Article by Martyn Jones | 12th May 2020

Our business was founded out of a passion to help teams work better together. We’ve had some outstanding results with retailers across Europe, using smart technology to enable teams to communicate quickly, safely and efficiently. So, how can you create a more independent team using just communication technology?

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We believe that team communication should be instant and easy. As more people shop online, their expectations of customer service increase. Consumers don’t want to wait to pay or for a query to be dealt with, which is why our system is designed to help colleagues act fast. At the touch of a button, you’re connected to the entire team.

Independent teams are vital at the moment, because we face significant health and economic challenges worldwide. An independent team is empowered to act and can work flexibly and efficiently. We believe that by wearing a communication headset, colleagues are empowered to meet these challenges together.

The benefits of a more independent, connected team

Easier onboarding

If a person is new to a role, they need regular guidance when onboarding. Every retailer has different expectations of staff and different regulations to meet. Having communications technology in place allows for faster onboarding.

Currently, retailers are being forced to onboard thousands of new employees to meet demand. Onboarding new hires is harder due to the need for social distancing. But with communication technology in place, training happens independently. New colleagues are more able to adopt a self-sufficient approach to their role.

Flexible roles

Telephony technology helps colleagues to adopt varied responsibilities. Taking on different roles across departments is easier when the entire team can communicate with each other. Colleagues have a more rounded view and can flexibly adapt to the needs of the store. The Government is currently expected to ease lockdown measures from mid May. Shop workers, builders and those in hospitality will be encouraged to communicate using radio over face to face. Working side by side, rather than in close proximity1.

Team morale

Working in retail can be tough. If colleagues can collaborate and talk together as a team, it makes a huge difference. Our own data shows an uplift in morale by over 80% across teams during proof of concept. Customer questions can be answered more quickly, and a single channel for team chat allows for a sense of togetherness.

We believe in the strength and capability of teams. Our technology has been designed to help teams grow and communicate easily. Find out more about our product range here. 

1 Point by point: the UK government’s plan to leave lockdown

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