Store Messaging: the key to linking HQ and the front line

Article by Olivia Robinson | 28th May 2021

With the UK economy set to grow at its fastest rate in over 70 years, you may be looking to expand your business. For some, this could mean taking on new colleagues or even opening new stores. 

This is a cause for celebration but it will also create new challenges. The larger a business gets, the harder it can be to keep everyone on the same page. Our headsets make it easy for in-store colleagues to stay in touch, but what about coordinating teams across several stores? This is where store messaging can help. 

What is Store Messaging? 

Store messaging is an add-on feature available to all VoCoVo customers. It provides a reliable line of communication between HQ and the shop floor, no matter how many stores you have. Management can send instant updates to some or all stores, ensuring that important information is never missed. 

There are three main types of message:

  • Live updates allow you to share new information as soon as you receive it
  • Scheduled updates let you remind stores of planned events or upcoming changes
  • Triggered updates are sent automatically in response to a certain event

You can either record an audio clip or type a message to be converted into speech. Scheduling messages is easy thanks to our intuitive messaging platform. 

As well as selecting when a message is sent, you can also decide who it is sent to. You can send an update to all stores at once, to individual stores, or to stores in a certain region. You can also select specific teams or colleagues within a store for more specialised messages. 

One feature, many benefits   

Store messaging is a simple concept but the benefits are numerous. 90% of customers expect a consistent experience across all of your stores. By breaking down the barrier between HQ and the shop floor, you can make sure that every store provides the same level of service:

  • COVID-19 safety measures are likely to remain in place for some time. These are liable to change at short notice, especially if we return to some form of tier system. Store messaging allows you to alert colleagues to any changes in safety guidelines. You can put these into practice straight away, rather than waiting for the next team meeting.  
  • Getting your entire team together can be tricky, especially with social distancing and staggered shift patterns. Store messaging gives you peace of mind that every colleague has received the information they need. 
  • Details of sales and promotions can be sent to all stores at once. Colleagues can start telling customers about these offers immediately, maximising your sales opportunities. 

Triggered updates can be used to improve security. We recently partnered with smart shelving app SHELFIE to help combat shoplifting. If stock levels fall at an unusual rate, an audio alert is automatically sent to security teams.

VoCoVo enables network-wide messaging

Our ecosystem enables you to contact multiple stores at once. With store messaging, you don’t need to send updates to each store individually. Instead, urgent information can be distributed instantly across your entire estate. In the case of safety or security updates, this saves precious time.

For lightning-fast communication between HQ and the shop floor, VoCoVo is the only choice.

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