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Article by Martyn Jones | 15th September 2020

What do we mean by a connected store? 

In a connected store, colleagues are able to communicate with each other constantly, negating the need to walk around the store to find other colleagues. 

Colleagues can listen, talk and help at a touch of a button, meaning they can share information securely, work flexibly and answer customer questions rapidly. 

How much time does this save? 

At the end of every VoCoVo proof-of-concept, we measure how much time we saved our client. 

On average, it works out at 105 minutes per colleague per day.* That’s over an hour and a half each. The good news doesn’t end there. 

For business owners, this adds up to £5,749 saved per annum, which is £2.9K over an estate of 500 stores, or £4.3K saved each year over 750 stores. In other words, saving colleagues just 105 minutes every day adds up to a staggering £4 million in savings every year for larger retailers. Time really is money.

*We base our data on 25 VoCoVo headsets in use at one time and from data collected from six large UK retailers (M&S, B&Q, Homebase, Selco, Co-Operative and Tesco)

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Unmanning desks

A lot of retailers have manned desks such as Customer Service or Click & Collect. In a connected store,  customers can use Call Points located in these areas to call for instant colleague assistance.

Our data shows that by unmanning desks in larger stores, retailers could save 66 hours per week per store.* This equates to a saving of 3,432 hours, or £30,888 every year.  

*We based this on an average 10 hours manning a desk, from 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday, with 6 hours on Sunday. This is based on data from Morrissons, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Tesco.

Travel time

A final way of saving colleagues time by creating a connected store is to reduce colleague travel time. At VoCoVo, we save colleagues walking an extra 1KM per day.* 

We know that communication technology reduces travel time by 73 hours per colleague every year, or 35 hours wasted per store every week. This adds up to £8 million across an estate of 500 stores over a year.

*Colleagues take 12 minutes to walk 1KM in store. Based on 25 headsets in use in 6 large UK retailers, including M&S and B&Q, 

Saving colleagues time by connecting them to each other, doesn’t just save you money. It also creates an environment in which colleagues feel empowered, safer and more motivated. We’re passionate about communication technology, and helping our customers. 

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