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Empowering staff with communication tools

Article by Olivia Robinson | 29th August 2019

Why do some colleagues feel less empowered than others?

A stereotype exists of the ‘bored’ retail assistant. This unfairly represents a job that is demanding and varied. Why has this type of work not been given more recognition?

Perhaps in many cases, colleagues aren’t given the tools to feel empowered on the shop floor. Dealing with customer complaints can be challenging. Without the tools to cope, staff opt for reluctancy or failure. This often leads to low morale.

We need to equip staff to complete tasks well, to answer complaints and not be afraid of dealing with all aspects of their work. In this environment, staff and customers are happier.

With better equipment, colleagues can do the best job possible. This creates a ‘win-win’ where team morale grows, customer experience improves and staff feel happier.

Our research shows that 75% of staff feel more supported during their shift after a VoCoVo install. Our work with Pets At Home reported a 135% increase in how happy colleagues felt at work, and a 100% increase in how satisfied colleagues were with how long it took to solve queries. 

Now’s the time to equip staff to do the best job possible. Creating a group communication channel boosts morale and efficiency. Staff feel included as part of a friendly, group environment.

Talking more across the team makes colleagues feel more included in the company itself. This results in staff investing more in their work, because it is more meaningful. Better communication really makes a difference.

How better communication can help

Opening up in store communication creates a new team structure. The new team channel can forge closer relations across colleagues, resulting in a better esprit de corps across the whole store. Staff are more engaged in their work and are constantly learning from each other.

Instant communication means that customer questions can be answered quickly. This leaves no team member alone or without an answer. It provides the help, experience and knowledge of an entire team, but centered around each staff member when they need it.

At Pets At Home, staff reported a 100% increase in confidence in answering customer questions, and a 300% increase in how quickly they were able to help. 

I worked for a large UK retailer before I started at VoCoVo, and fully understand how difficult customer-facing work can be.

The great thing about our technology is that it enables each team to work as one. No colleague feels left alone to cope with customers. The single channel prevents newer colleagues being left without help and supports staff in answering complaints, checking stock or reporting losses.

As soon as your headset is on, you’re connected

In smaller stores, or short-staffed locations, it’s unlikely that any team would be fully staffed.

If staff work later at night, this can lead to a feeling of vulnerability. There are limited ways of getting help or drawing attention to an issue discreetly, if you’re alone.

Our technology allows staff to be connected to security or a manager at the touch of a button. It empowers individuals because they’re part of a team. And crucially, it supports staff in confronting one of the toughest parts of the job – theft.

We should empower staff to feel safer and more confident in reporting losses.

Staff at Pets At Home reported a 63% increase in how safe they felt at work.
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