Let’s talk ‘Future of Retail’ at EuroShop 2020

Article by Martyn Jones | 31st January 2020

NRF2020 left us inspired…

and excited about what’s around the corner in global retail.

We were encouraged by a few early-stage conversations on forming productive partnerships capable of accelerating in 2020 some of the ‘store of the future’ IoT concepts that have trickled into retail technology over the past few years.

Our next stop, EuroShop 2020

We’re heading to Düsseldorf, for EuroShop 2020 where we’ll be unpacking and showcasing VoCoVo’s voice-led, data-integrated approach to operational transformation. You can book time with us below to discuss your 2020 transformation agenda and how we might help make it happen.

This will be an opportunity to meet us and learn how tier-1 retailers like Walmart’s ASDA, PRIMARK, Tesco and TGI Fridays are redefining approaches to…

Theft & loss.
Workforce management.
Operational efficiency & resilience.
Customer service and customer experience.

‘Who will I meet? What will they teach me?’

You’ll meet and speak with retail tech advocates, Aaron Copestake and Olivia Robinson who’ll have in-tow a full spread of VoCoVo’s wearable and customer-facing tech that you might have seen worn by teams in certain corners of UK retail, like major supermarkets. We’ll be running detailed, hands-on product demos and unpacking how online/offline brands are collaborating to make real big retail’s vision of ‘tomorrow’s workforce, today‘ and ‘self-assisted customer experiences’

We’ll give you insights into how, with our help…

  • Tesco are saving 450 man-hours per store, per year.
  • Walmart’s ASDA are optimising workforce and customer experience.
  • Bauhaus are significantly reducing empty-handed walkout customers.
  • TGI Fridays are reducing lost revenue of missed call bookings.

EuroShop 2020: 16 – 20 Feb 

We’ll be stationed in Hall 7 of EuroShop’s ‘8 Dimensions of Retail’ floor plan.
Find us: Retail Tech space—Hall 7, Stand C24
Address: D-40474 Düsseldorf, Am Staad (Stockumer Höfe)

Book some time with us for a little ‘future of retail’ therapy, a consultation on the future of your stores and a live VoCoVo demo.

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