Improve security: 20 ways VoCoVo protects and prepares teams

Article by Olivia Robinson | 22nd July 2021

Your security team plays a vital role in protecting your store. With theft and colleague abuse on the rise, their job is more important than ever:

As if things weren’t bad enough, the pandemic has created a new set of challenges for security teams:

  • Face masks allow thieves to hide from CCTV cameras
  • Increased self-checkout use makes it easier to shoplift
  • Social distancing rules make it harder to monitor suspicious customers 

Luckily, we can help. Our system is designed to let your security team do its job as effectively as possible. Here’s how:

1. Powerful signal

Our signal is strong enough to cover even the largest stores. Colleagues will have no problem contacting security from the other side of the store, or even across multiple floors. 

2.  Two-way conversations

Unlike walkie-talkies, our headsets use full-duplex technology. This means that users can speak and listen at the same time, just as they would in a face to face conversation. This can save your security team precious seconds when responding to an emergency. 

3. One to one calling

Our one to one calling feature allows you to request another colleague by name and speak to them directly. This means that shop floor colleagues in need of help can place a direct call to a member of the security team.

4. Separate channels for security teams

Our conference feature allows you to create a dedicated channel for your security team. This allows security colleagues to coordinate their efforts without being distracted by unrelated conversations. 

5.  Long battery life

Our headsets have a battery life of up to 48 hours from a single three hour charge. Colleagues can rest assured that they won’t lose their security lifeline part way through a shift.

6. Lightweight and comfortable

In order to stay safe, colleagues have to be connected to security teams at all times. With a total weight of just 28g and a choice of three wearing styles, our headsets are comfortable enough to wear all day. 

7.  Multiple headsets

Competitor systems can only accommodate up to 30 devices at a time. VoCoVo allows up to 1,000 headsets on a single conference, so even the largest stores can be completely connected. 

8. Telephony integration

VoCoVo can be integrated with your telephone system or, if you prefer, can replace it altogether. This allows security colleagues to contact emergency services from anywhere in store. 

9. Message casting

Many larger stores use a mixture of external and on-site security. Our message casting feature allows external security teams to send updates to multiple in-store teams at once. If thieves are operating in a certain area, all local stores can be warned simultaneously. 

10.  No audio interference

Misunderstanding a message because of an unclear signal could be the difference between catching a criminal and letting them get away. Our base units are fully synchronised to share the available radio spectrum. This guarantees a crystal clear signal at all times. 

11. Seamless handover technology

Our headsets never lose their signal, even when you are on the move. This is because, unlike competitor models, they can transfer between base units without having to disconnect and reconnect. This allows colleagues to maintain unbroken contact with security teams as they approach an incident. 

12.  Star network configuration

Our base units are connected in a “star network configuration”. This means that they do not rely on a cabled connection to the nearest device. If one unit goes down, the rest will continue to function as normal. 

13. No open radio frequencies

Many walkie-talkies operate on an open radio frequency, making it easy for eavesdroppers to listen in. Our system only operates on secure radio frequencies, so you can be sure that confidential information won’t fall into the wrong hands.  

14. Works without an internet connection

Stores often rely on internet-connected devices to communicate with security teams. This leaves you vulnerable to hacking and data theft. Our system works without an internet connection, keeping your confidential information safe from cybercriminals. 

15. Panic alarm

Headsets can be configured to recognise certain safe words. When spoken, these will automatically alert in-store security or emergency services. 

16. Acts as a deterrent

Keeping colleagues safe is not just a matter of responding quickly to incidents. It’s also about preventing them from happening in the first place. Our headsets are instantly recognisable, creating a powerful deterrent against crime. 

17. Integration with CCTV

Our system can be linked to smart CCTV cameras. Whenever a camera spots something suspicious, an automatic alert is sent to security teams. 

18. Integration with smart shelving

Unusual stock depletion is often a sign of shoplifting. VoCoVo can be linked to smart shelving to flag up suspicious patterns at an early stage. 

19. Tannoy integration

Our headsets can be integrated with your store’s tannoy system, allowing colleagues to trigger a store-wide security announcement from anywhere on the shop floor. Criminals have no way of knowing which colleague raised the alarm, making this a much safer approach than a traditional tannoy announcement. 

20. Checkout keypads

Checkout colleagues are often left alone with customers, so it’s especially important that they can contact your security team easily. Our checkout keypads allow colleagues to raise the alarm discreetly without having to leave their position. 

Investing in colleague safety is always a wise decision. When people feel secure in their jobs,  their work improves drastically.

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