How to set up ‘Expert Groups’ in store, directing customers to the right help every time

Article by Martyn Jones | 1st October 2020

What are Expert Groups?

Our ecosystem of communication devices is designed to connect every colleague. Whether it’s Head Office, a regional manager or an in-store team, we provide instant effective cross-team communication. 

For most stores it makes sense to create group networks within teams, so that colleagues can access expert help when they need it. That’s where our ‘Expert Groups’ come in.

Expert Groups enables every store to create separate secure conference channels, relevant for tailored needs. For example:

  • Technical support
  • Customer service desk
  • Regional management
  • Stock management

These internal groups establish departmental or floor-based divisions across stores. All colleagues need to do is join the relevant conference and ask a question. This enables expertise to be communicated in an instant, easy way.

Every VoCoVo headset also integrates with telephony. This enables colleagues to use speed dials, pre-set on their own stores ecosystem, to get external or expert support from the relevant team. This might access technical support, off-site experts or a head office functionality where required. 

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Resolve queries faster

With VoCoVo headsets, your store staff are able to seamlessly contact colleagues in other stores, in other departments or at Head Office to check stock and resolve queries faster. If colleagues need an expert in a different area, it’s easy with VoCoVo.

Our Expert Groups function enables every store to have a bespoke, tailored communication network. This connects specific teams to each other (for example security, warehousing) as well as connecting colleagues between teams (between stores or up to Head Office) using separate conferences and telephone integration. This creates different levels of communication, tailored to the store.

Secure, integrated messaging systems

Our Expert Groups are just one functionality of the VoCoVo ecosystem, tailored to the needs of every store. 

Our Portal enables those colleagues at Head Office to access colleagues across a footprint of hundreds of stores, using our messaging tools. This enables broadcast updates from Head Office to directly reach colleagues through their headsets, enabling team communication to be truly tailored.

Sharing expertise, store-to-store

As well as internal Expert Groups, why not set up a cross-store group? Our system’s integration with telephony and open API enables many different options. As well as handling internal and external calls, this integration enables teams to communicate across locations.

This store-to-store approach provides colleagues with access to expertise across an entire business network, by single touch speed dial. It also allows for price or stock checking via team communication, across multiple locations.

Support customers, wherever you are

At VoCoVo, our solution is designed to fit the needs of your business. Wherever your expertise is located, we’ll ensure your whole team feels the benefit of working together.

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