How to never miss a customer phone call again

Article by Martyn Jones | 31st July 2019

When you’re trying to deliver unbeatable customer service, it can feel like you need to be in several places at once. On top of the manpower required to successfully run a retail business, it takes a considered combination of delegation, organisation and technology to ensure you don’t miss valuable customers.

The fact is retailers are losing millions of pounds every year due to missed phone calls to stores. It’s neither efficient nor practical to have one person manning the phone, but without making somebody accountable the chances of losing business are much higher.

Here are 5 ways you can prevent missing those all-important customer calls

  1. Connect all staff to telephony. By linking employees to the telephone through VoCoVo wireless headsets, everyone is equipped to answer incoming customer calls wherever they are, completely hands-free.
  1. Share the responsibility. Once connected, every staff member is accountable to answer customer calls, wherever they are or whatever their role. The capacity to respond to incoming queries is significantly increased.
  1. Call forwarding. If an employee is unable to find the answer the caller is looking for, perhaps due to their current location or schedule, at the push of a button they can direct the customer to another individual or a specific group of colleagues.
  1. Make outgoing calls hands free. Team members can make outgoing calls from their headsets, for example, to head office, in order to gather more information about a customer query. As a result, the issue is solved without the employee having the leave the shop floor.
  1. One device. The lightweight headsets are fully compatible with existing telephony; therefore no additional devices are required to make this a viable communications solution. Therefore there’s no need to carry bulky walkie talkies or multiple phones – VoCoVo telephony seamlessly takes care of your team communications needs.

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