How to create a seamless omnichannel experience with better team communication

Article by Olivia Robinson | 25th November 2020

What is omnichannel and why does it matter?

The way we shop has changed. Customers no longer see internet shopping and physical shopping as distinct. In fact, more and more of us choose to buy online and pick up in stores (BOPIS). This mixing and matching of services is called omnichannel shopping. 

Omnichannel shopping was already growing in popularity, but the COVID-19 outbreak has greatly accelerated things. Many customers now favour BOPIS for its safety as well as its convenience. 56% of consumers would rather shop using Click & Collect, and the service has grown 28% in 2020 alone. 

With 33% of purchases now happening online, Click & Collect and other BOPIS services are the best way to embrace online shopping while retaining in-store business. 

What is a ‘seamless experience’?

Creating a seamless experience means making it easy for customers to combine internet shopping and physical shopping. This could mean browsing online and picking up in-store, or buying online and returning in-store.

Shops that have made an effort to streamline these services have seen the most success in 2020. B&Q is a good example. The DIY chain responded quickly to the pandemic by ramping up its Click & Collect service, offering next day collection from pick up points in its car parks. The customer response was extremely positive, with online sales surging by 200% in May and June

Click & Collect is a great way to increase customer confidence. Lingering safety concerns are making many consumers wary of the high street. A recent survey found that 63% of people still feel anxious about visiting shopping centres.  Focusing on Click & Collect shows customers that you are mindful of their concerns. Customers feel safer knowing that they can pick up their purchases without having to wait in a long queue. 

This level of customer care is always rewarded in the long run. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a retailer if they know that the experience will be stress-free. 83% of customers say that convenience is more important to them than it was 5 years ago, and 52% say that their purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by convenience. 

How can better team communication help?

The key to providing a seamless omnichannel experience is offering the same level of customer service across all channels. This means matching the speed and convenience of eCommerce with your in-store service. With a little help from VoCoVo, there’s no reason you can’t succeed. 

VoCoVo helps you to speed up the Click & Collect process so that customers do not have to wait unnecessarily. Our headsets can be integrated with Click & Collect desks, allowing customers to request immediate assistance via a call point. Call points track how often customers use your Click & Collect desk, allowing you to allocate a team member to cover the busiest periods. We also offer a waterproof call point for outdoor areas. This allows delivery drivers to alert you to their presence, saving you the trouble of waiting at the back door. 

Aside from convenience, speed is the other major advantage of online shopping. Many companies now offer a live chat feature for customers’ queries, as well as real-time interactions over social media.  As a result, 82 % of customers now expect an immediate response to their questions. 

Our headsets allow you to replicate this speed in-store. Queries can be answered straight away and colleagues can check stock levels or request technical support without having to leave the customer’s side. At Pets at Home, our headsets have helped to achieve a 300% increase in the speed at which colleagues answer customer enquiries. 

The future belongs to companies who successfully fuse eCommerce with bricks and mortar retail. By ensuring consistent service across all channels, you can have the best of both worlds. 

For more tips on making the most of omnichannel, speak to our team.

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