How retailers can improve their customer service

Article by Martyn Jones | 10th July 2019

Customer experience is central to all industries, but is especially pivotal in the retail world. Intense competition levels, which is increasingly being exacerbated by the popularity of ecommerce, means that it is absolutely vital for stores or brands to ensure their customer service really stands out from the crowd.


These days, customers expect, and demand, a more customer-centric shopping experience. Because it is generally so simple to purchase the products we want online, this ease also needs to be reflected in physical shops, in order to lure shoppers out of their homes and into the bricks and mortar world of retail.

Retail Call Points

There are a number of ways in which a retailer can make the real-world shopping setting as stress-free as possible. Shopping needs to be pleasurable, with attentive assistants aided by high tech communication solutions, such as VoCoVo retail call points that enable shoppers to request immediate assistance from store colleagues. Physical stores need to concentrate on turning the shopping experience into a memorable event. Empathetic staff as well as sophisticated technology is a dream combination that results in the holy grail of retail: happy customers.

Queue Reduction

Ensuring excellent levels of retail customer service and interaction is central to creating a pleasant and frustration-free shopping environment. Research shows that retailers need to embrace a complete spectrum of technical solutions – across merchandising, marketing and, most importantly, retail customer service, in order to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. For example, it is possible to reduce frustrating queues with carefully chosen technology solutions, such as VoCoVo checkout keypads. With these devices checkout colleagues could ask for targeted assistance from supervisors equipped with VoCoVo headset, at the touch of a button. This could help to ensure that till sales are not lost, checkout times are faster and the necessity to open extra tills is reduced.

Invest for Success

For a retailer to survive and prosper in today’s competitive retail environment, it is necessary to constantly strive to improve the experience of the customer. This requires a strong level of investment in new technology, as well as providing customer facing staff with all of the knowledge and information they require to really ramp up their performance.

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