How communication headsets are changing in-store security for the better

Article by Olivia Robinson | 23rd July 2019

Communication headsets allow retail colleagues to interact at the touch of a button. This technology is perfectly designed for a busy, customer-facing environment. Headsets allow colleagues to alert each other quickly and discreetly, whether they need help, information or support.

Headsets are portable, allowing colleagues to seamlessly carry on with their work whilst asking and answering questions. They also promote safe working practices and quicker communication, promoting better in-store security.

Empowering staff

We’ve found in numerous UK stores that regular contact between colleagues boosts morale and productivity. Allowing people to talk in a group conference means that staff are always connected, removing the occasional isolation that comes with multi-tasking in smaller outlets.

As well as improving morale, conversations empower people. Knowing that help is always a moment away can help colleagues cope with the rigors of everyday retail life.

“This system worked fantastically at our Jack’s stores. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system helped our staff to work flexibly, respond to the needs of customers and their colleagues, and helped the launch of our new stores run smoothly. It was integral to the business model of our stores, and we’d thoroughly recommend VoCoVo for running an efficient operation.”

Andy Newbould, Jack’s by Tesco


Deterring losses

Headsets act as a deterrent. Colleagues that are always connected can quickly report everything they see. This deters theft and enables teams to discreetly speak across different sections of a store.

In smaller convenience stores or stores with reduced staffing, communication headsets provide vital support between separated staff members. During more vulnerable times, for example, late at night, this can stop scenarios before they start.



Feeling safer

Colleagues in regular contact with each other feel safer at work.  Even in split locations with smaller teams, communication headsets boost colleague confidence.

Reports indicate a 25% reduction in petty theft with the introduction of communication headsets. We’ve seen attempted thefts stopped in their tracks. During a proof of concept, one UK retailer prevented a £500 loss thanks to quick and effective communication.



We mentioned in our blog on security that the Retail Crime Survey 2019 reported a 32% rise in customer theft in the last year alone. Colleague safety is paramount in an environment where security is an ever-increasing threat.

Measured, co-ordinated colleague communication reduces theft. It enables staff to safely observe and report crime at the push of a button.


Staying connected to HQ

A final benefit of communication headsets impacts store security nationwide. Outdated tannoy and walkie talkie systems have a finite reach, usually confined to the vicinity of the store they’re in. But fully connected communication headsets have the capability to be linked with a central hub.

Having nationwide communication channels opens up interesting possibilities for the future of store security. The Co-Op has taken advantage of our central security hub, a feature that allows message casting across stores; broadening the scope of communication and instantly sharing important announcements.

Our unique API could take this even further. With the potential to link individual headsets to a wider, connected system that bridges the gap between colleagues and HQ, in-store security is no longer set to be such a cause for concern.

We’ve worked with some of the UK and Europe’s leading retailers to deliver exceptional communication solutions. Whether you’re looking to reduce losses, improve productivity or boost colleague morale, our tailored communication systems can make an enormous impact.

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