Are wireless headsets the key to retail communication and maximised store efficiency?

Article by Martyn Jones | 30th July 2021

In a retail environment, especially in a big store, it can be hard to keep in touch with all of the colleagues around the shop floor. However, tannoy announcements routinely lack clarity and staff announcements can be a source of great irritation for consumers.  Today’s retailers would prefer to reserve the use of tannoy systems for promotional messages.

As a result, many firms are turning to the use of wireless retail headsets. These allow all store colleagues to be in touch with each other and with supervisors, wherever they’re located on the premises, even if they’re on other floors or out in car parks or stock rooms.

Source – VoCoVo Jack’s Case Study

Since communication is full duplex, users can interact as if they were all in the same room, passing information, resolving queries and allowing tasks to be quickly reallocated with no need to break off the task in hand.

Communication is secure and confidential too, so sensitive messages can be passed without being overheard and without resorting to obscure codes.

Messages can be relayed from keypads at checkouts or service desks, making it quick and easy to alert supervisors when assistance is needed.  2-way wireless headsets can be set up in conference groups, allowing specific teams to talk to each other, and users can switch between zones to talk with colleagues for example on different retail floors. It’s also possible to route incoming phone calls straight to the retail headsets, so that retailers never miss incoming customer calls.

Source – VoCoVo KeyPads

The headsets run on rechargeable batteries, so there are no trailing wires to get in the way and no changing of batteries to worry about. A full charge should give the headset up to 48 hours of useable life. The headsets use voice prompts to notify users when the battery is running low.

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