Strongbyte Solutions, leaders in innovative team communications since 1994.

Over the past 23 years Strongbyte’s name has become synonymous with innovative retail team communication solutions, improving business efficiency and customer experience for some of the UK’s best known enterprises including Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Homebase and Tesco.

Strongbyte combines a deep understanding of team communications with a passion for driving efficiency through technical solutions.

Strongbyte recently launched VOCOVO is a world leading team communication solution already winning awards and customers around the globe.


World leading team communications!

VOCOVO introduces a completely new generation of team communication solutions with a sophistication and capability over and above anything currently available on the market!
Launched in March 2016, VOCOVO is already winning awards and customers around the globe.

Team communication challenges and a desire to achieve optimal efficiency are aspirations not confined to retail organisations.

VOCOVO provides tangible benefits for many other industries including:

  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • Hospital and care environments
  • Stage and events
  • And many others