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As ever, we are excited to be attending The Retail Technology show in London.

Whether it’s in-store communications or exploring ways to integrate smart technology or telephony, come by our stand to get a demo or talk more.

As it’s always a really busy event for us, why not book a meeting slot in advance?

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The VoCoVo solution

As you probably know, VoCoVo isn’t just retail headsets. VoCoVo opens the door to connecting your whole store and even your entire estate, boosting efficiencies and delivering great customer experience. Our headsets work as communication and notification devices, allowing colleagues to instantly answer queries and share information but also, to receive real time notifications from your store’s smart devices. Book a meeting to find out more.

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Designed for connecting teams

Wireless communication with the latest conferencing technology

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Not another Wi-Fi burden

So many systems and devices can clog store Wi-Fi, so an essential communication system needs its own secure channel.

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Full-duplex speech

Talk and listen naturally with no drop-outs or lag in conversation.

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Scaleable & easy to install

A fully-modular solution that grows with your business.

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Efficient colleagues

When colleagues don’t have to search the shop floor for answers, they can get on with task at hand.

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Customer experience

Customers get faster responses, shorter checkout lines and the best of your colleagues.

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Unbeatably secure

No more open radio frequencies or public PA announcements.

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