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Serving up memorable experiences with Sussex Exchange

Restaurant, meeting rooms and cinema… all powered by VoCoVo.


A luxury multi-use hospitality venue with high expectations from customers.

Overlooking the Marline Valley, The Sussex Exchange venue operates to a high standard of sustainability boasting a biomass boiler, facilities flushed by rainwater and a structural layout designed to optimise the effects of natural daylight.

With ‘efficiency’ running through the foundations of the architecture, infrastructure and company ethos, The Sussex Exchange (TSE) came to VoCoVo in search of a robust communications solution capable of transmitting this ethos into the day-to-day operations across their events space, restaurant, and cinema auditorium.

VoCoVo’s impact

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Time saving across all areas

Across the venue, even in to the 
kitchen, staff are able to work quicker 
and happier.

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Speedy fulfilment of
 visitor’s needs

Answer questions, order more drinks, check menu allergens at the touch of a button!

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Better opportunity for
 up-selling services

‘Would you like me to book you a
 table in the restaurant for after the movie?’ Confirmed in seconds.


Clear communication was needed and walkie-talkies couldn’t cut it.

‘Issue’ is perhaps too strong a word—the requirement was born out of the progressive mentality at TSE that recognises the compound benefits of future-proofing operations in order to prevent issues while staying agile when facing the types of logistical challenges that are inevitable across the range of environments and varied floor plans at the site.

Given the formal temperature of the TSE brand and the events it hosts, a traditional walkie-talkie setup-prone to static noise and loud message leaks around guests just wouldn’t cut it. Dependency on face-to-face communication in such spacious venues, even less so.

It was clear that something a little more sophisticated should be implemented to carry communications clearly and dynamically across cavernous conference spaces, a subterranean cinema and a restaurant with a veranda dining terrace.


Connected teams walk less miles, and resolve issues quicker… Simple!

Despite the elaborate TSE environment, a relatively simple install of VoCoVo’s flagship solution proved sufficient to cover all requirements. Serving up to 29 headsets via a single base unit, the VoCoVo ’Go’ system delivers crystal clear duplex (two-way) communication with ‘push-to-talk’ speech for brief communications plus a three-minute ‘talk lock’ function for prolonged dialogue and hands-free use enabling uninterrupted mobility, multitasking and discreet, on-the-go voice interactions at a distance.

The feedback from TSE has been encouraging with stakeholders reporting a “100% change” and an instantaneous, ‘ten-fold’ increase in efficiency and productivity that is

benefiting staff throughout different departments in day-to-day, weekly and monthly operations, events and circumstances. Although the ‘100%’ and ‘ten-fold’ feedback was anecdotal rather than hard metrics, they illustrate just how tangible and far-reaching

the impact of the VoCoVo install has been on team morale, team agility and ability to work proactively, rather than depending on the kind of reactive firefighting that erodes communication further and renders teams immobile.

Examples of the felt perks range from simple time-saving and waiting-time reductions on fulfilling customer requests, to improved team dynamic and a breaking down of inter-departmental ‘silos’, allowing enhanced collaboration between different teams.

The net result of all this? Seamless workflows and a productive fluidity that underpins service delivery throughout the different components of conferencing, dining and leisure events that TSE combine so uniquely and with pride. The bottom line is that VoCoVo is making a difference to the bottom line at TSE by allowing greater opportunity capture in upselling to visitors and enabling teams to represent the integrity and calibre of the TSE brand.

“If you can’t answer visitors’ questions, you can just ask someone and get them an answer quickly without running off.”

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