The Series 5 Pro-how our new headset can make your retail communications more durable and sustainable

Kind to the planet and kind to your budget-why durability and sustainability go hand in hand with our new headset.

Article by Chris McKie | 26th May 2023

When choosing retail technology, functionality isn’t the only thing that counts. With financial pressures growing, you need to be sure that your equipment is built to last. Not only does this help you to save money. It also helps you to take a more sustainable approach to innovation.

We’ve always taken great care to ensure that our products are as reliable as they are practical, and our new headset is no exception. Thanks to its modular design and sturdy build, the Series 5 Pro is a truly long-term solution. Here’s a closer look at the S5’s features, and why it’s a great investment for any retailer. 


Customers want technology, even when times are tough

As we’re sure you know, the current state of the economy is putting a huge strain on UK retailers. Rising energy costs and persistent inflation have made it more expensive than ever to do business. Over 17,000 stores were forced to close in 2022, and a further 15,000 are on the brink of collapse. 


Many retailers have responded by slashing their technology budgets. This wouldn’t be a problem if consumers were happy with a low-tech experience, but this is not the case. Having come to rely on technology during the pandemic, shoppers have no intention of going back to basics. A recent survey found that 80% of UK customers want retailers to invest more in technology. 


This presents stores with a dilemma. Spend too much on technology and you risk falling deeper into debt. Spend too little, and you risk losing customers to more high-tech rivals. 

The answer is to be more selective in your investments. By focusing on the technology that offers maximum value, you can deliver a great customer experience without breaking the budgets. Enter the Series 5 Pro…


The long road to the Series 5 Pro


Durable technology means long-term savings

Every VoCoVo product is designed to save you money. By improving communication between colleagues, our headsets, call points and keypads encourage multitasking and reduce unnecessary walking. By combining these savings, retailers can achieve a full return on their investment in a matter of months.


These savings are immediate, but we can also cut your long-term costs. Our products are built to last, eliminating the need for expensive repairs or replacements. This is especially true with the Series 5 Pro. Every aspect is designed with sturdiness in mind:

  • Fully waterproof and dustproof
  • Submergible in 30 cm of water for up to 30 seconds
  • Able to withstand a 6 ft drop without damage
  • Robust buttons that are internally secured and externally protected  


Modularity is the key to sustainability 

Choosing durable technology doesn’t just make sense from a financial point of view. Unreliable devices have to be replaced more frequently, and this is extremely harmful to the environment:


This is another area where the Series 5 Pro shines. It isn’t just dustproof and waterproof- it’s future-proof too. As our first fully modular headset, the S5 represents a real leap forward in sustainability:

  • Parts can be replaced without buying a new headset, significantly reducing e-waste.
  • A replaceable battery extends the headset’s longevity a great deal as it is no longer limited by the typical lifespan of a battery
  • Headsets can be upgraded to incorporate new technology. Rather than replacing your devices every few years, you can simply swap in a new component and enjoy the benefits. 


Helping the planet should be its own reward, but it’s also a good business decision. As environmental awareness grows, customers are increasingly drawn to sustainable companies. 72% of shoppers now make purchasing decisions based on sustainability, and this number is even higher for younger age groups. 

By choosing a modular, upgradeable technology, you can show these customers that your values are aligned with theirs.


Read more about our plans for future sustainability 


Leaner and greener  

Retail is always a balancing act between saving and making money. With the Series 5 Pro, you get the best of both worlds. By improving communication and reducing the need for replacement equipment, we can save you thousands of pounds a year. By cutting waste, we can help you to meet your sustainability targets as we work towards a greener future. 


Talk to our team to find out more. 

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