Tannoys and retail communication – Why security matters

Article by Martyn Jones | 7th October 2020

Tannoys might play a big part in your shopping memories. We’re all used to hearing them, especially in supermarkets. 

But customers overwhelmingly dislike tannoys. The sound quality is perceived as poor, and the regular occurrence of crackling noises can disrupt a pleasant shopping experience. 

Evolving technology

Recent chatter on social media suggests that not only do customers dislike tannoys, but colleagues also find them tricky to use. For colleagues with a fear of public speaking, announcing something to an entire store can prove nerve-wracking.

Loudspeakers worked in the past. But in 2020, tannoys struggle to cater for the rapid communication that teams in retail need. As well as being annoying, tannoys aren’t secure. The entire store can hear what is being said, which isn’t ideal for anyone.

Meeting colleague’s needs

With the return of COVID-19 in the UK, retail conditions are likely to become challenging again. As the pandemic changes this winter, colleagues need to be able to talk safely with one another. Communications need to be quick and secure, to protect colleague safety and keep customers calm.

Alongside the traditional tannoys, we regularly see retailers using other non-secure communication tools, including walkie talkies. Although walkie talkies offer two way communication, the radio signals can be intercepted by passers-by with access to a device. Our article on the worrying rise in organised crime highlights why secure communication matters. Read it here.

Talk securely with VoCoVo

Our unique system uses digital frequencies, relying on a secure connection to provide a totally safe way of communicating. 

VoCoVo is different from two way radios, using digitally encoded speech. This makes it more secure and far clearer than tannoys or walkie talkies. Our use of duplex speech, meaning a team of colleagues can talk concurrently, is more similar to the telephone.

Alongside the security provided by digital radio, the open channel communication means that colleagues needn’t ‘take turns’ to be heard. In an open, room-like format, it’s far easier to make team decisions and share information. As situations in retail rapidly change and escalate, this technology makes a huge impact.

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VoCoVo’s tried and tested, durable hardware stands up to the challenges of retail. With crystal clear audio, your team will be able to communicate instantly across the widest of areas.

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