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Keep your team connected behind-the-scenes.

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Confident, attentive service

Allergies? Special requests? Another Margarita? With VoCoVo, your servers can talk to the kitchen, help diners find their next favorite dish, and take orders via their Headset. Delivering your signature 5-star experience with every visit.

Never miss a booking

VoCoVo integrates with your existing phone system, giving your team the flexibility to route incoming calls to their font of house colleagues—who can make and receive calls, talk to each other, and manage reservations straight from their Headset.

Speed up delivery and collection

Our VoCoVo Call Points help speed up takeout by empowering delivery drivers to alert your in-house team when they arrive. And with no drivers crossing the dining area or hanging around for orders, it’s even easier to make safe social distancing a part of your routine.

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Why restaurants choose VoCoVo

Creating winning dining experiences through voice

Effortless attention to detail

When your teams are connected by Headsets, they can coordinate to keep tables clean and ready for customers—even in those tucked-away corners.

Ordering made easy

Running low on sides? VoCoVo makes it easy for customers to alert your team and order extras at any time during their meal. No awkward waving, no hassle.

Slash dine & dash

Teams need to be quick, coordinated, and discreet to tackle cover exits. Our Headsets keep servers, hosts, and security guards connected so they can prevent walkouts gracefully.

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Crystal clear audio

Not another Wi-Fi burden

Built around proven full-duplex technology, communication between associates is simple and intuitive. Utilizing professional-grade radio frequencies, our Handsets, Headsets, Call Points, and Keypads won’t slow down your Wi-Fi when connecting your teams.

Designed for bringing people together

VoCoVo is great news for your patrons, too. According to research, customers are 300% happier when teams wear VoCoVo.

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Knowledge sharing

When expertise flows freely between teams they can help your customers faster.

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Boosting morale

Team members feel safer and happier at work with a VoCoVo Headset.

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Training and onboarding

New starters can be mentored remotely, freeing up managers to stay active.

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Remote broadcasting

Streamline communication between locations and send company-wide updates from HQ.

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Efficient teams

Servers don’t have to run to the kitchen with every query, so they can focus on 5-star service.

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Customer experience

Never leave a glass empty or a dessert un-ordered. Because when your servers are connected they’ll never miss a beat.

Start your journey towards a better connected team.