Save every store up to 105 minutes a day in efficiencies.

…and that’s just the start. From updating all your colleagues directly from head office to automatic product restock alerts, VoCoVo is setting the standards for the future of retail.

Why choose VoCoVo?

The Next Normal

In recent times, ways of working have shifted dramatically as we look for the next normal. Retail and Hospitality need to find new ways of communicating in order to run efficient teams, who focus on safety.

The Daily Huddle

VoCoVo allows Store Managers and Area Managers to deliver daily direction and keep staff engaged through regular updates and briefings.

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Daily Task Reminders

The VoCoVo SaaS Portal enables users to set daily task reminders to repeat and end as desired. An example of this is sending out a reminder to all Headsets at a certain time every day to remind stores to complete reductions or do a stock check. Not only does this help towards better processes, but can help bring down food waste and incorrect stock levels.

Product Recalls

Alert stores on urgent product recalls instantly via the VoCoVo SaaS Portal

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Step One

Messages can be audio recorded or typed into the VoCoVo Portal

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Step Two

The message can be directed to individual stores, regions or across the entire estate

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Step Three

Message alerts are sent straight to colleagues devices for a quicker more efficient product recall action

All Company updates

By using the VoCoVo Portal you can record, type and schedule ‘messages of the day’ or other key alerts. Sending these messages across the entire estate or individual stores in an instant.

Consolidation of Handheld Terminal Devices

VoCoVo enables colleagues to complete tasks, take phone calls and search for product information through the Headset negating the need for costly handheld devices.

Our Hardware
Why choose VoCoVo?

Colleague Efficiencies

Connect your colleagues and save time by taking the steps out of contacting team colleagues, checking stock levels and finding answers to customer queries.

Un-manning Desk Areas

For example, Click & Collect desk, Customer Service desk etc. VoCoVo allows stores to un-man desks whilst still giving the customer access to a colleague at the push of a button. Customers no longer have to search the shop-floor for help and stores are able to re-deploy hours whilst still giving a quick and efficient service.

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Redeployment of hours in-store

By implementing a VoCoVo Customer Call Point, desks, counters and high customer flow areas no longer need to be manned as colleagues are able to speak to customers from wherever they are on the floor to resolve their queries. Colleague Keypads on tills eliminate the need for ‘till bells’ and ‘runners’ enabling colleagues to answer product enquiries and questions from anywhere on the shop-floor.

Colleague Keypads

Cut queues at your stock checkouts by keeping colleagues connected

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Step One

Colleague has a problem at the tills, i.e. no more till roll. Alert colleagues by pressing the Keypad

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Step Two

Shop floor colleague are alerted by the checkout colleagues problem over the VoCoVo Headsets

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Step Three

A colleague can pick up the query and resolve the issue quickly and effectively

Reduction of staffing hours

VoCoVo has proven that by connecting teams, your colleagues are more productive and don’t need to travel around the store as much to find answers or check stock.

  • A leading UK supermarket reported £2.5 million in savings with VoCoVo
  • 198% faster service

Time-taken to complete tasks reduced

VoCoVo allows colleagues to speak to multiple teammates at one time enabling them to ask questions and be more productive with their time.

Why choose VoCoVo?

Customer Experience

VoCoVo empowers teams to respond instantly to customer enquiries on the phone and in store.

Reduction in customer queues and wait time

When a till bell is pressed or a red-light has appeared, a customers’ internal timer starts as they know that they cannot complete their transaction until a colleague has approached the till. By integrating with tills and self-scan checkouts, we can alert colleagues when help is required and even enable them to solve the query through the headset.

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Customer assistance Call Points

The VoCoVo Customer Call Point is typically located in high-flow customer areas, next to complex products/departments, at unmanned desks/counters or near locked cabinets. The Call Points allow customers to ask for assistance without having to find a colleague. The colleague can speak with the customer through the Call Point, allowing them to assist from anywhere within the store, and help resolve their query. This not only saves the customer a lot of time and frustration in needing to locate a colleague but also means the colleagues are being more efficient and are always available for the customer.

Stock availability

Receive restock notifications by integrating with weighted shelving. Customers never have to ask if there is any more stock in the back.

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Step One

Weighted shelves recognises products have been taken and need restocking

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Step Two

VoCoVo Headsets are alerted to which self in which aisle need restocking

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Step Three

Alerted colleagues can restock the shelves, preventing customer queries


Today in-store customers receive information from their mobile devices about recent offers and possibly better price. Omni-channel communications allows the entire organisation to allocate inventory availability and visibility across locations. This allows consumers to have a uniform customer experience online and in-store.

Customer experience in-store

VoCoVo builds a frictionless shopping experience for customers by creating a connected store, meaning customers no longer need to search the floor for colleagues, till queue time is significantly reduced and their queries are being resolved quicker.

Why choose VoCoVo?

United Teams

No more one-way conversations on walkie talkies or robotic commands to find a colleague. Just press a button and start talking.

Message cast

Company updates can be recorded, typed or attached on the VoCoVo Portal and pushed down to all Headsets so that all colleagues feel up to date. Even if a colleague is not working at the time of the alert, it will be waiting for them when they are next in and enrol onto the VoCoVo Headset.

Staff recognition / colleague morale

Connecting the store with VoCoVo instantly puts all colleagues into a group conference which drives teamwork immediately. Store Managers, Team Leaders or Head Office colleagues can join the conference to commend and congratulate a Store, Region or colleague which, not only boosts colleague morale, drives teamwork and creates a happier working environment.

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Effectively train and assist colleagues without slowing down your team.

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Instant knowledge share

Don’t know the answer to customer queries? Instantly ask a colleague who does.

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Constant connection to colleagues

Forgotten how to do something? Ask a colleague over the Headsets to walk you through it.

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Manage new colleagues

Guide and give colleagues tasks to complete on the move to maximise efficiencies.

Assigning tasks to colleagues

Need to change or add in a task for a member of staff? Streamline to do lists by integrating with task management systems or simply adding tasks via voice command on the VoCoVo Headsets.

Expert groups

By setting up Expert Groups in-store, customers can be immediately directed to those who are more knowledgeable in the area that they are requesting help on.

Why choose VoCoVo?


Stop thieves and reduce shrinkage by connecting your teams with your wider security system.

Reduction in theft

Not only do VoCoVo Headsets act as a deterrent, but by connecting the headsets to a CCTV monitoring system or Central Security Hub, thieves can be detected and dealt with resulting in less theft and safer stores.

Loss prevention

Every staff member wearing a VoCoVo Headsets can communicate with your central security hub. Your on-site and external security teams can monitor activity across stores and areas, alerting staff to potential threats—like shoplifters operating in their area—so your staff are always a step ahead.

Tannoy reduction

Keep need to know information discreet and not ruin the customer experience with loud tannoy announcements.

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Discreet communication

VoCoVo integrates with existing security systems to send your team important alerts.

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CCTV alerts

Coordinate to prevent thefts and contact emergency services quickly from their Headset.

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Emergency services

Give your team the power to call emergency services instantly at the push of a button, from anywhere in store.

Safety of Colleagues

VoCoVo also allows integration to your Central Security Hub and CCTV Monitoring Systems, enabling colleagues to connect/alarm them at a  push of a button.

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Goods in / out

Using VoCoVo external Call Points, delivery drivers can alert colleagues in store of their arrival, sending a message over the conference. A colleague can then communicate with the driver in store. This stops the need for loud door bells, drivers waiting for long periods of time and delayed deliveries – which can be charged to the store.

Why choose VoCoVo?

The Future store

In order to combat the change in consumers shopping habits, retail stores need to utilise technologies that allow them to serve the customer of today.

Product lookup

Colleagues can request lookups through a voice assistance interface from anywhere within the store with VoCoVo giving back relevant information directly from the product management system.

Price check

Colleagues can ask VoCoVo for the price of a product or item with the press of a single button. This allows colleagues to help customers when a price is not shown without needing to leave them allowing them to be more efficient and getting the customer an answer quickly and easily.

Self-scan integration

Authorise transactions faster, get more customers through self-checkout and improve self-checkout efficiency, all with fewer members of staff.

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Level 1 – Audio notifications

When a self-checkout has an issue, an audio alert is sent to the assigned colleagues’ Headset

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Level 2 – Remote customer service

Unman your self-checkouts by allowing customers to call for assistance as and when they need it

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Level 3 – Remote intervention

VoCoVo colleagues can verify self-checkout requests with a quick voice command anywhere in sight of the tills

IOT integration

IoT Integration: Connecting VoCoVo to fridges, bakery ovens, door alarms and other in-store devices enables alarms to be sent to Headsets to notify colleagues of an alert.

Reduced telephony costs

VoCoVo allows colleagues to accept, park and hold calls at the push of a button. This means that stores no longer need to have multiple telephony providers and pay a per-port cost. PSDN, ISDN, PBX… it doesn’t matter. We can integrate or even totally replace your telephone service provider.

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