15 advantages of choosing VoCoVo

Article by Olivia Robinson | 21st July 2021

VoCoVo connects colleagues through voice, with an ecosystem built to empower. We offer durability, security, an unbeatable range of add-ons, integrations and configurations that offer you scope for growth. That’s why we’re trusted by 100,000 users, in over 8,000 stores across 21 countries. 

Let’s look at 15 ways we’re different:

Smart technology:

  1. Crystal clear signal

With VoCoVo, expect crystal clear uninterrupted audio signal. Our base units are fully synchronised, working together to share the available radio spectrum.

This means no interference, no cracks, pops or whistles! Unlike single-cell base units, our multi-cell approach cooperates perfectly to ensure you never suffer outages or poor signal. 

  1. Star network configuration

Most communications providers operate a ‘daisy-chain’ configuration. This means that their system is linked in a continuous straight line. One outage will bring the entire system down. 

If a traditional ‘daisy-chain’ system fails, identifying the unit at fault is costly and time-consuming. Especially if devices are mounted at height.

With VoCoVo, we use a star shaped network configuration. Units work independently, and in the (unlikely) event of a system problem, one unit can go down without affecting the functionality of the others.

  1. Up to 1,000 devices per conference

Our ecosystem covers up to 1,000 devices on a single conference. So you won’t be limited if your team grows, or if you decide to connect large numbers of users.

Our system’s built to grow along with you, and we won’t place limits on how you use it.

  1. Local notification access

Our local notification access enables you to receive updates from smart devices in store. CCTV cameras, smart fridges and many more IoT devices can be connected, thanks to our open API.

This applies enterprise-wide, allowing you unparalleled access to data and great connectivity using voice activated notifications. 

  1. Unbeatable add-ons

VoCoVo really can grow with you. Thanks to a range of unbeatable add-ons you won’t see elsewhere.

Our Call Points are two-way, enabling you to set up conversations with customers and colleagues instantly. Our Keypads make summoning help discrete and noise-free at the checkout. 

All our add-ons are tracked and measured, so you can see how long stores take to answer requests. Everything matches up to our high standards of safety and security, so you don’t need to worry about security risks.

  1. Telephony integrated

Never miss a sale, with all your incoming and outgoing calls integrated perfectly into your VoCoVo ecosystem. 

Integrating your telephony is easy and doesn’t require an engineer. Once activated, you can choose from a range of great features: select team members to take calls, answer incoming calls from anywhere in the building, set up personalised speed dials and make outbound calls without interrupting your working day.

VoCoVo integrates with all major telephony providers, or if you prefer, can take over your telephony altogether, bringing all your communications into one place.

We’re built around your business. Find out more about our integrations:

Hardware built for durability:

  1. Single PTT button

Our Headsets have one single Push To Talk button. Why is this so important? All conversations and calls start with just a single press. It’s not fiddly to operate. 

The central button prevents accidental calls, and can be pressed with the ‘menu’ button simultaneously to activate talk-lock. This way, you can continue handsfree.

After 3 minutes an automatic reminder will notify the user that talk-lock is on, just in case.

  1. Smart mute

Our mute function is more than just soundproofing, it’s intelligent. The button is clearly located on the headset, and when in-state sends a reminder message to the user that sound can be switched back on.

Smart mute is unique to VoCoVo. When listening to the conference, Smart mute will silence the conference conversation. When talking 1-1, the headset will only silence the user. This function was designed around colleagues’ needs, and makes privacy easy and intuitive.

  1. Battery life

VoCoVo is designed to consume very little power – lasting longer and weighing 30% less than our competitors. Battery life that lasts a shift, and won’t let you down:

Expect 50+ hours of battery life on a  single charge. Devices can charge to 25% in just 30 minutes, with a full charge taking only 3 hours.

  1. Lightweight headset

Our headset weighs just 28g, significantly lighter than alternatives. With multiple wearing styles, it can suit a wide range of user styles. The lightweight design also means that colleagues can work an entire shift without feeling weighed down.

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How we empower your teams:

  1. Seamless mobility for colleagues

A big advantage of choosing VoCoVo is that colleagues don’t need to worry about dropping calls or conversations when moving around. The conversation seamlessly transitions between base units, with no disruption or drop-off. Other systems are forced to reconnect to the next nearest unit, which can cause pauses in connection.

With VoCoVo, all 1-1 or conference calls are interference free. Colleagues have the ability to roam freely across different floors, departments or parts of the store without worrying about connectivity.

  1. Theft and security measures

VoCoVo has a range of useful security and theft features. You can trigger in-store security alerts from your headset, creating a PA announcement without compromising individual colleague safety.

Create your own security conference, giving security colleagues privacy and the ability to communicate quickly and securely. 

Empower store colleagues, with quick speed-dial links to emergency services if needed. Connect local teams with central security teams, so that everyone stays in the loop. With VoCoVo, you’re never alone.

  1. Unique portal oversight

Manage all your devices from one central portal. With our portal, you remove the need for regular engineer visits. Filter by location or store, to check 90% of device issues within just 2 minutes. 

Configure and update your equipment remotely, check device health and battery life, all without having to set foot in store.

  1. Workforce management

Alongside our portal, VoCoVo integrates with your workforce management software to make oversight a doddle. Our open API allows for integration with a range of systems; Microsoft Teams, Slack, Reflexis, JDA and Kronos to name a few.

Deliver tasks direct to Headsets using voice messages, making sure that everyone stays up to speed. If you need to change or add in an additional task, the system updates dynamically. This integration creates accountability and improves productivity, so you can rest assured that the job will be done.

  1. Multiple conferences

Set up multiple bespoke conferences, using different departments or floors as identifiers. Ensure that colleagues only connect with the right teams, can give security via separate channels.

Even with a range of separate conferences, 1-1 chats will always be available with anyone on the system. 

Whether you’re looking to supercharge the way you use voice technology, improve security or improve customer service, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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