Designing the Series 5 Pro-how we responded to customer feedback in four key areas

Making the best even better- how our new headset raises the bar in four key areas.

Article by Martyn Jones | 19th June 2023

Our new Series 5 Pro headset is about to hit stores and we couldn’t be prouder. The S5 is our most innovative headset yet, harnessing new technology to make significant improvements in durability, comfort, sound quality and battery life. 


There’s a lot to dig into, so we thought we’d look at each area separately. Here’s our guide to the four design principles behind the Series 5 Pro, along with some insights from our CEO, founder and chief designer Rob Gamlin. 


1. Durability

The shop floor is an unpredictable place. Retail equipment needs to be sturdy enough to handle the unexpected, and this was at the forefront of our minds when designing the Series 5 Pro. We considered every potential hazard, adding features to ensure that our new headset was equipped to deal with anything:

  • The S5 is completely waterproof, and submersible in up to 30 cm of water
  • It can withstand temperatures from -10°C to 55°, making it suitable for walk-in fridges, bakery counters and everything in between
  • It can survive a 6ft drop without damage-the head height of an average male colleague 


These features are sure to extend the lifespan of the Series 5 Pro considerably, but nothing lasts forever. Batteries eventually run out, and wear and tear takes its toll on individual parts. In the past, this would have meant buying a new headset, but this is no longer the case. 


The Series 5 Pro is completely modular. Whether it’s the microphone, the battery or the earpiece, individual components can be removed and replaced with ease. This drastically improves longevity, not to mention sustainability. 


Rob explains the reasons behind the shift to a modular design:

“We didn’t want the lifespan of individual components to dictate the longevity of the whole headset. We can’t control how users treat devices, but we can manage the risk by allowing for replacement parts. This is great for customers and even better for sustainability.” 


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2. Comfort

It doesn’t matter how many features we pack into our headsets. if colleagues don’t want to wear them, the benefits will be lost. That’s why we’ve taken great care to make the Series 5 Pro as comfortable as it is practical:

  • A sliding design that can be adjusted to fit all head sizes and hairstyles, and to accommodate eyewear and head coverings
  • A balanced weight distribution to take the strain off pressure points during a long shift
  • A breathable TENCEL ear covering to keep colleagues cool on hot days


Comfort isn’t just physical. There is a psychological dimension that is just as important, and this is where the Series 5 Pro really shines:

  • The shorter microphone boom is more discrete, allowing colleagues to wear headsets without feeling self-conscious
  •  Ear pads are easily replaceable, letting colleagues share headsets without worrying about hygiene


By combining physical and psychological comfort, we hope that colleagues will have no qualms about wearing the Series 5 Pro for an entire shift. Rob explains why this is so important:

“If a device is perceived as uncomfortable or awkward, we won’t get the adoption rate we need. That’s why we worked so hard to create a super-comfortable design that can be worn all day long. 

The pandemic taught us how important cleanliness is for colleagues. They want to own the hygienic integrity of their device, even if they are sharing it with others. By introducing a removable ear cushion, we’ve made this possible without the need to buy a separate headset for each colleague.”


3. Sound quality

Our headsets increase efficiency by allowing colleagues to share information from anywhere in store. For this to work, every message has to get through. That’s why we’ve always prioritised sound quality in our design process.


With the Series 5 Pro, we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver impeccable audio in any environment. Rather than using one long microphone, the S5 has two smaller microphones. These work together to deliver the best possible performance:  

  • The front microphone uses the latest in digital signalling technology to provide four times the clarity and definition of previous models
  • The rear microphone employs a noise cancelling algorithm to eliminate environmental noise. We’ve sampled hundreds of soundscapes from every imaginable retail environment and used this data to train the algorithm to recognise a wide range of sounds. This allows our rear microphone to identify and block out everything from trolleys to power tools, leaving nothing but the human voice. 


The combination of these two features is truly impressive.. Messages are clearer and crisper than ever, allowing colleagues to share information effortlessly. Not only does this improve interpersonal communication, it also paves the way for voice activated smart technology in the future. 


4. Battery life

All day comfort is no good without the battery life to match. We wanted a headset that lasted longer and charged quicker so that colleagues never had to worry about running out of juice. Thanks to recent advances in battery technology, we’ve been able to do just that. 


The Series 5 Pro is the first retail headset to employ intelligent power management. This means that it only directs power to the features currently in use, allowing it to conserve energy without compromising on performance.  This makes for some truly impressive specs:

  • Up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 40 hours of standby time from a single charge
  • Can last multiple shifts over a two day period
  • Charges to 50% in 30 minutes, and charges fully in two hours 


Read more about intelligent power management


We believe that the Series 5 Pro represents a revolution in retail communication. We could spend all day listing its features, but we’d much rather show you them in action. Get in touch today to arrange a free demonstration.

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